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Anne Heche Net Worth

Anne Heche (Anne Celeste Heche) is an American actress, screenwriter and director known for her versatile career in the entertainment industry. She gained fame for her roles in film, television and theater.

In this article, we will explore some facts about Anne Heche net worth, including her hair color, eye color, age, girlfriend, measurement, monthly salary, weight, family, ethnicity, nationality, education, career, relationships, wife marriage and more.

Anne Heche Family

Anne Heche Parents

Anne Heche’s parents were:

  • Mother: Nancy Heche (née Prickett)
  • Father: Donald “Don” Joe Heche
Anne Heche Father: Donald "Don" Joe Heche
Anne Heche Father: Donald “Don” Joe Heche

Anne Heche Siblings

Heche was the youngest of five children. Sadly, three of her siblings predeceased her:

  • Sister: Susan Bergman (1957-2006) – died of a brain tumor.
  • Sister: Cynthia Heche – died at the age of two months due to a heart defect.
  • Brother: Nathan Heche (1965-1983) – died in a car crash at 18.

Her only surviving sibling is her sister:
Sister: Abigail Heche

FatherDonald “Don” Joe Heche
MotherNancy Heche (née Prickett)
BrotherNathan Heche (1965-1983)
SisterSusan Bergman (1957-2006)
Cynthia Heche (Died at two months old)
Abigail Heche
GrandfatherUnder Research
GrandmotherWill Update

Anne Heche Early Life

Anne Heche’s journey to becoming a celebrated actress began in the heart of America’s Midwest. Born in 1969 in Aurora, Ohio, as the youngest of five children, Heche’s early life was shaped by a strict religious upbringing and a family marked by tragedy and instability.

Shaped by Faith

Raised in a deeply religious household by a Baptist choir director father and a homemaker mother, Heche’s formative years were steeped in conservative Christian values.  She later described this environment as being akin to being “raised in a cult.”

A Family in Flux

The Heche family moved frequently during Anne’s childhood, residing in various towns around Ohio. This constant change likely contributed to a sense of unsettlement in her young life.

Early Artistic Spark 

Despite the challenges, Heche’s artistic talent blossomed at a young age.  At 16, a turning point arrived when a talent scout spotted her in a high school play. This encounter presented an opportunity to pursue acting professionally, a path that promised escape from the confines of her upbringing.

A Difficult Decision:  

The chance to audition for a role on the soap opera “As the World Turns” was a significant turning point.  However, accepting the offer would have meant leaving her family behind mid-school year. This difficult decision, ultimately influenced by her mother’s new job, forced Heche to delay her acting dreams.

Seeds of Escape Planted

Though unable to take this initial leap, the experience likely fueled Heche’s desire to forge her own path. The yearning for independence and a life beyond the limitations of her childhood would propel her toward New York City and the world of acting just a few years later.

Key Points to Consider

  • A strict religious upbringing and frequent family moves marked Heche’s early life.
  • Despite the challenges, she displayed early artistic talent.
  • A talent scout encounter presented an initial opportunity for an acting career.
  • It was a difficult decision to delay her acting dreams due to family circumstances.
  • This experience likely planted the seeds for her eventual move to pursue acting professionally.

Anne Heche Height

Anne Heche stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches or 1.65 meters. 

Anne Heche Height and Weight
Anne Heche Height and Weight

Anne Heche Weight

Anne Heche maintains a slender physique with a weight of approximately 52 kilograms or 114 pounds. 

Anne Heche Height in Feet5′ 5″
Anne Heche Height in Meter1.65 m
Anne Heche Height in Cm165 cm
Weight in Kg52 kg
Weight in Lbs114 lbs

Anne Heche Measurements

Her body measurements are reported to be 33 inches (bust), 23 inches (waist) and 34 inches (hips).

Anne Heche Hair Color

Anne Heche’s hair is naturally blonde, which has been a notable feature throughout her career. Her hair color has been a versatile canvas for various roles.

Anne Heche Eye Color

She has striking blue eyes that have captivated audiences and directors alike. Her eye color is often highlighted as a defining aspect of her appearance.

Anne Heche Tattoos

As of available information, Anne Heche does not have any tattoos. Her clean and natural look is consistent with her versatile presence on screen.

Anne Heche Shoe Size

Anne Heche wears a US shoe size of 8.5. 

Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
US Shoe Size8.5

Anne Heche’s Acting Journey

Starting Out (1987-1993)

  • Soap Opera Star: Anne Heche began her acting career in 1987 on the TV show “Another World.” She played twin characters, Vicky Hudson and Marley Love, and won an award for her role in 1991.

Moving to Movies (1993-1997)

  • From TV to Movies: Heche started acting in movies in 1993, but her big break came in the late 1990s.
  • Getting Noticed: She acted in movies like “Walking and Talking” (1996) and “Donnie Brasco” (1997), which got her a lot of praise from critics.
Anne Heche Net Worth
Anne Heche Net Worth

Becoming Famous (1997-2000)

  • Big Time: Heche became really famous in the late 1990s. She starred in big movies like “Volcano” (1997) “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (1997), and “Six Days, Seven Nights” (1998).
  • Doing Different Things: She showed she could act in all kinds of movies, like thrillers, comedies, and dramas.

Facing Challenges (2000-2022)

  • Personal Life Problems: People talked a lot about Anne’s personal life, especially her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres. This made it hard for her to get acting jobs sometimes because people weren’t always accepting of LGBTQ+ people.
  • Changing Focus: Anne still acted in movies, but she started focusing more on TV shows.
  • Still Doing Well: She was nominated for an Emmy Award for a TV movie called “Gracie’s Choice” (2004). People still liked her acting.

Trying New Things

  • More Than Just Acting: Anne also tried directing and writing movies, showing she’s good at lots of different things.

Important Things to Remember

  • Anne Heche was good at acting on TV and in movies.
  • She became really famous in the late 1990s.
  • Her personal life sometimes made it hard for her to get acting jobs.
  • Even when things were tough, Anne kept doing well in TV and movies and tried new things too.

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Anne Heche Boyfriends or Relationships

Throughout her life, Anne Heche was involved in several notable relationships:

Early 1990s 

Heche dated musician Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac for about a year.

Anne Heche Boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham
Anne Heche Boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham


She was in a relationship with actor Steve Martin for around two years, whom she met while filming “A Simple Twist of Fate.”

Anne Heche Boyfriend Steve Martin
Anne Heche Boyfriend Steve Martin


Heche’s most public relationship was with comedian Ellen DeGeneres. This same-sex partnership garnered significant media attention as they were considered the “first gay super-couple” by the media.

Anne Heche Boyfriend Ellen DeGeneres
Anne Heche Boyfriend Ellen DeGeneres


Following her split from DeGeneres, Heche faced a period of intense public scrutiny.

2001- 2007  

She married cameraman Coleman Laffoon. They had a son together and their relationship lasted until 2007.


Heche was in a long-term relationship with actor James Tupper. They co-starred in the television series “The Brave” and share a son.


Shortly before her passing, Heche was dating actor Thomas Jane. They had been friends for many years and co-starred in the film “Hung” before becoming romantically involved.

Anne Heche Children

Anne has two sons, Homer and Atlas, from her previous marriage to Coleman Laffoon, a cameraman. While her marital status currently remains unmarried, her journey as a mother has been a central part of her personal life.

Anne Heche Children
Anne Heche Children
Personal Life
Marital StatusMarried (2001- 2007)  
Anne Heche BoyfriendLindsey Buckingham (Early 1990s)
Steve Martin (Mid-1990s) 
Ellen DeGeneres (1997-2000)
James Tupper (2007-2018)
Thomas Jane (2022)
Husband / SpouseColeman Laffoon (2001- 2007)  
SonHomer and Atlas Heche Tupper

Anne Heche Net Worth

Estimated Figures

While some sources estimate Anne Heche’s net worth to be around $4 million, others claim it to be closer to $10 million.

Legal Dispute 

There were legal challenges regarding the value of her estate, with her son Homer refuting claims of a higher net worth. Court documents suggested a value closer to $400,000.

Anne Heche Net Worth$400 thousand
Estimated Figures$4 million to $10 million

Anne Heche Age

Anne Heche was born on May 25, 1969, in Aurora, Ohio. As of August 11, 2022, Anne is 53 years old.

Anne Heche Death

Anne Heche’s death on August 11, 2022, was due to a fiery car crash in Los Angeles, California.

Anne Heche Ethnicity

Based on available information, including her parents’ origins and public records,  identifying her as Caucasian is the most likely scenario.


Anne Heche, a name synonymous with captivating performances, carved her path from soap operas to Hollywood stardom. Her talent shone brightly in films like “Volcano” and “Six Days, Seven Nights.”

Beyond the silver screen, Heche emerged as a champion for LGBTQ+ rights, a beacon of courage during a time of evolving societal views.

Despite facing personal challenges, her unwavering spirit and dedication to her craft left an undeniable mark. Anne Heche’s legacy lives on through her exceptional acting, artistic ventures, and the path she paved for greater LGBTQ+ acceptance.

Quick Anne Heche Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
Full Real NameAnne Celeste Heche
Date Of BirthMay 25, 1969
Anne Heche Age53 years old
Anne Heche DeathAugust 11, 2022
Nick NameAnne
Family NameHeche
Birth PlaceAurora, Ohio
Current ResidenceLos Angeles
ProfessionActress, Screenwriter, and Director
Famous AsActress
Anne Heche EthnicityWhite
Zodiac SignGemini
AwardsSoap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Lead Actress 1992
Highest QualificationHigh School Degree
High SchoolFrancis W. Parker School
CollegeNot Available
UniversityNot Available
ProfilesWikipedia, IMDB, Instagram, Twitter

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FAQs About Anne Heche

Who is Anne Heche?

The American actress is known for film, television, and theater roles. Achieved success in the 1990s with movies like “Volcano” and “Six Days, Seven Nights.” Advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

How old is Anne Heche?

It was on May 25, 1969, that Anne Heche was born. As of August 11, 2022, she is 53 years old.

How did Anne Heche die?

Heche passed away at 53 due to injuries sustained in a car accident in August 2022.

What happened to Anne Heche?

Heche was involved in a car accident on August 5, 2022, which resulted in severe injuries and ultimately led to her passing.

Who has Anne Heche dated?

Heche had notable relationships with public figures like Ellen DeGeneres, James Tupper, and Thomas Jane.

Who is Anne Heche married to?

Heche was married to cameraman Coleman Laffoon from 2001 to 2007.

How much is Anne Heche net worth?

Estimates of her net worth vary. Public reports suggest a range between $400,000 and $10 million, with legal disputes clouding the exact figure.