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Beth Stelling Height

Beth Stelling, known affectionately as “Sweet Beth” is a remarkable talent in the world of entertainment. As a stand-up comedian, writer and actress, her career has been a symphony of humor, wit and relatable charm. 

In this article, we will explore some facts about Beth Stelling height, including her hair color, eye color, age, net worth, measurement, monthly salary, weight, family, ethnicity, nationality, education, career, relationships, marriage and more.

Beth Stelling Family


Her parents are divorced.

  • Mother: Diane Duval

Her mom remarried when Beth was nine, and she famously didn’t smile in any wedding photos.

  • Father: Girl Daddy

Her dad, nicknamed “Girl Daddy,” supports her comedy career and even appears in some of her jokes.


Beth has mentioned having a sister, but not much else is known about her.

FatherWill update
MotherDiane Duval
BrotherWill update
SisterWill update

Beth Stelling Early Life

Beth Stelling’s early life was marked by the seeds of humor, a loving family, and a natural inclination toward comedy. Born on April 9, 1986, in the United States, she spent her formative years developing the skills and personality traits that would later define her as a renowned stand-up comedian, writer, and actress.

  • A Childhood Infused with Laughter

Beth’s upbringing was steeped in humor, with laughter being a constant presence in her family home. While specific details about her early family life are not widely known, it is evident that comedy was an integral part of her childhood.

  • High School Years at Oakwood High School

Beth attended Oakwood High School in Ohio, where her comedic talents began to shine. High school often serves as a platform for individuals to discover their passions, and for Beth, it was the beginning of her comedic journey. Her ability to make people laugh and her knack for finding humor in everyday situations became increasingly apparent during this time.

  • Higher Education at Miami University

Following her graduation from Oakwood High School, Beth pursued her higher education at Miami University. During her time there, she found the perfect environment to nurture her comedic talents, honing both her skills and the distinctive traits that would later prove invaluable in her burgeoning career as a comedian. The university environment likely provided her with valuable life experiences and opportunities to refine her talents.

Educational QualificationGraduate
SchoolOakwood High School (Ohio)
College/ UniversityMiami University
  • The Birth of a Comedy Sensation

Beth Stelling’s early life and education laid the foundation for her future in comedy. Her passion for humor and her fearless approach to making people laugh would eventually lead her to the stage, where she would captivate audiences with her unique style and relatable humor.

Beth Stelling Height

Beth Stelling stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm), giving her a graceful and approachable stature.

Beth Stelling Height in Centimeters167 cm
Beth Stelling Height in meters1.67 m
Beth Stelling Height in Inches5 feet 6 inches
Beth Stelling Height and Weight
Beth Stelling Height and Weight

Beth Stelling Weight

She maintains a healthy weight of 130 pounds (59 kilograms), which complements her average body type.

Beth Stelling Weight in Kilograms59 kg
Beth Stelling Weight in Pounds130 lbs

Beth Stelling Measurements

Beth’s body measurements are 34-28-36, showcasing her well-proportioned physique. Her bust size is 33B, her waist measures 28 inches, and her hips are 36 inches.

Body Measurements34-28-36
Bra Size33B
Waist Size28
Hip Size36

Beth Stelling Eye Color

She has captivating brown eyes that often sparkle with mischief and humor, adding to her on-stage charisma.

Beth Stelling Hair Color 

Beth’s brown hair perfectly complements her features and adds to her natural beauty.

Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Beth Stelling Career

  • Early Beginnings

Beth Stelling’s venture into the realm of comedy is a narrative of innate talent, unwavering resolve, and an unquenchable desire to bring joy to others through laughter. Spanning from her humble origins to her extraordinary ascent as a celebrated stand-up comedian, writer and actress, her professional journey has been nothing less than remarkable.

  • Embracing Comedy

Beth’s love for comedy was evident from a young age. She grew up in an environment where humor was cherished, and her natural flair for making people laugh shone through. This early exposure to comedy set the stage for her future career.

  • Education and Development

After completing her high school education, Beth pursued higher learning at Miami University. It was during her time at university that she continued to refine her comedic skills and develop her unique style. The college environment likely provided her with valuable life experiences and opportunities to hone her craft.

  • Taking the Stage

Beth’s comedy journey truly took off when she ventured onto the stage. Her fearlessness in embracing the spotlight and her ability to connect with audiences through humor quickly set her apart in the competitive world of stand-up comedy. Her performances became known for their sharp wit, relatability, and her knack for finding humor in everyday experiences.

  • Versatility in Writing and Acting

While stand-up comedy was her initial claim to fame, Beth didn’t stop at making people laugh on stage. She ventured into writing and acting, showcasing her versatility and creativity. Her work extended beyond entertainment; it was a reflection of the human experience, making people both laugh and reflect simultaneously.

Beth Stelling
Beth Stelling
  • Rising Stardom

Beth’s dedication and undeniable talent caught the attention of many in the entertainment industry. She began collaborating on projects, taking on roles that further solidified her presence in Hollywood. Her journey from comedy clubs to television screens and film sets was a testament to her commitment to her craft.

  • Legacy and Impact

Beth Stelling’s career is more than just a series of comedic performances; it’s a legacy that transcends the stage. Her humor breaks barriers, challenges stereotypes, and unites people in laughter. Her impact on the world of comedy is significant, reminding us of the power of humor to heal, connect, and bring joy even in the most challenging times.

Beth Stelling’s career exemplifies the profound impact of comedy and the remarkable achievements possible through unwavering passion, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to bringing laughter and happiness to global audiences. Her enduring brilliance in the world of comedy leaves a legacy of mirth and inspiration for all who follow in her comedic footsteps.

Past Relationship

In 2015, Stelling courageously shared on social media about an abusive relationship she endured, including photos of physical injuries. She named her ex, comedian Cale Hartmann, who denied the allegations. While she has spoken about the experience in interviews and stand-up, the details remain private.

Beth Stelling Boyfriend

Stelling is currently in a relationship with fellow comedian Sam Morrill. They’ve been together since at least 2017 and often appear on each other’s social media and podcasts. Stelling has spoken positively about their supportive and loving relationship.

Beth Stelling Ex-Boyfriend: Cale Hartmann
Beth Stelling Ex-Boyfriend: Cale Hartmann

Beth Stelling Husband

As of 2024, Beth Stelling is currently in a long-term relationship with fellow comedian Sam Morrill, but they are not married. While she has been open about her past relationships in her comedy and personal life, she has never been married.

Personal LIfe
Marital StatusUnmarried
Beth Stelling BoyfriendSam Morrill
Previous Dating?Cale Hartmann
Beth Stelling HusbandNo
SonWill update
DaughterWill update

Beth Stelling Net Worth

Beth Stelling’s estimated net worth stands at $2 million in 2024, surrounded by her assets, earnings and financial holdings.

Beth Stelling Net Worth$2 Million
SalaryWill update

Beth Stelling Age

Beth Stelling, born on April 9, 1986, in the United States, is currently 37 years old as of 2023.

Beth Stelling Ethnicity

Beth Stelling is of White ethnicity. While the term “White” is a broad classification, it generally refers to individuals of European descent. 

Quick Beth Stelling Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
Real NameBeth Stelling
ProfessionStand-up Comedian, Writer and Actress
Known AsSweet Beth
Beth Stelling Age37 years (2023)
Date of Birth9 April 1986
BirthplaceUnited States
Social Media

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FAQs About Beth Stelling

Who is Beth Stelling?

Beth Stelling is a dynamic and accomplished stand-up comedian, writer and actress hailing from the United States. Her comedic prowess and relatable humor have catapulted her into the spotlight, making her a notable figure in the entertainment industry.

How Old is Beth Stelling?

Born on April 9, 1986, Beth Stelling is 37 years old as of 2023.

Where is Beth Stelling From?

Beth Stelling hails from the United States.

Is Beth Stelling married?

Beth Stelling is currently unmarried, focusing on her career and relationship with Sam Morrill.

Who is Beth Stelling’s boyfriend?

Stelling is currently romantically involved with fellow comedian Sam Morrill. They’ve been a couple since at least 2017 and frequently make joint appearances on each other’s social media accounts and podcasts.

What is Beth Stelling’s educational background?

Beth Stelling is a graduate, having attended Oakwood High School in Ohio and Miami University.

What are Beth Stelling’s favorite things?

Beth Stelling’s favorites include actors Anthony LaPaglia and Katie Page, the colors blue and black, Mexican food and the movie “This Isn’t Funny.”

Where can I follow Beth Stelling on social media?

You can find Beth Stelling on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, IMDb and YouTube.