Camila Cabello Weight, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Wiki, Full Biography 2023

Camila Cabello Weight, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Wiki, Full Biography 2023

Camila Cabello is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter born on March 3, 1997. She gained prominence as a member of the lady group Fifth Harmony earlier than embarking on a hit solo career. Known for her chart-topping hits like “Havana,” Cabello is well known for her specific combo of Latin and pa influences.

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Camila Cabello Family

Father: Alejandro Cabello

Camila’s father, Alejandro Cabello, is a central figure in her life. 

Mother: Sinuhe Estrabao

Sinuhe Estrabao, Camila’s mother, is the backbone of the Cabello household. Known for her unwavering support for her daughter’s artistic endeavors, Sinuhe has played a crucial role in nurturing Camila’s passion for music.

Camila Cabello Parents
Camila Cabello Parents

Sister: Sofia Cabello

Camila’s sister, Sofia Cabello, shares a close bond with the singer. 

FatherAlejandro Cabello
MotherSinuhe Estrabao
BrotherWill Updated
SisterSofia Cabello
GrandfatherUnder Research
GrandmotherWill Update

Unveiling the Early Life of Camila Cabello

Every adventure of greatness starts with humble origins, and the lifestyle of Camila Cabello is no exception. Let’s delve into the early years of the Cuban-American sensation, exploring the moments and affects that shaped her course to stardom.

  • Birth and Roots in Havana

Born on March three, 1997, in Havana, Cuba, Camila Camila Cabello Estrabao entered the arena with the rhythm of the colorful Cuban tradition in her veins. The city, recognized for its wealthy history and energetic tune scene, set the stage for the early beats of her existence.

  • Family Ties and Heritage

Camila’s circle of relatives, with roots deeply embedded in Cuban culture, played a pivotal role in her upbringing. The warmth of familial bonds and the echoes of cultural traditions became an imperative part of her identification. The impact of her family’s Hispanic background continues to resonate in her tune and public persona.

  • The Move to Miami, Florida

The route of Camila’s existence took a significant flip while her own family moved to Miami, Florida. This relocation opened new doorways for the aspiring artist, exposing her to a numerous and dynamic environment that might later make a contribution to the eclectic nature of her musical fashion.

  • Educational Journey at Miami Palmetto High School

Camila’s educational direction spread out at Miami Palmetto High School, where she laid the basis for her destiny endeavors. It turned into throughout those early years that her ardor for track began to blossom, putting the degree for the splendid career that awaited her.

  • Early Signs of Artistic Brilliance

Even in her early years, Camila exhibited signs of artistic brilliance. Whether it was singing at local events or penning down lyrics, her innate talent started to capture the attention of those around her. The bustling city of Miami provided a backdrop for her artistic ambitions to flourish.

Camila Cabello Weight, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Wiki, Full Biography 2023
  • Cultural Influences and Musical Inspirations

The cultural diversity of both Havana and Miami seeped into Camila’s artistic soul. Influences from the rich tapestry of Cuban music blended with the contemporary sounds of Miami, laying the foundation for the unique musical fusion that would later define her career.

  • Supportive Family Dynamics

Throughout these early years, Camila’s family provided unwavering support. Whether it was attending local performances or encouraging her creative pursuits, their belief in her talent became the bedrock upon which her dreams would stand.

  • Emergence on the Global Stage

From the local stages of Miami to the global spotlight, Camila Cabello’s journey from her early life experiences shaped her into the multifaceted artist we know today. The amalgamation of cultural richness, familial support, and personal determination set the stage for her rise to fame.

  • Conclusion

In understanding Camila Cabello’s early life, we gain insight into the tapestry of experiences that molded her into the musical powerhouse she is today. From the rhythms of Havana to the diverse sounds of Miami, every note in her early life has contributed to the symphony of her extraordinary career.

Camila Cabello Height

Camila Cabello stands at 5 feet 2 inches or 1.57 meters.

Camila Cabello Height in Feet5 feet 2 inches
Camila Cabello Height in Cm157 cm
Camila Cabello Height in Meter1.57 m
Camila Cabello Weight 
Camila Cabello Weight and Height

Camila Cabello Weight 

Weighing in at a healthy 123 lbs or 56 kg, Cabello maintains a balance that reflects not just physical health but also a commitment to overall well-being.

Camila Cabello Weight in Kg56 kg
Camila Cabello Weight in Lbs123 lbs

Camila Cabello Measurements

Camila’s body measurements, recorded at 34-25-35, contribute to her enviable hourglass figure. These proportions, coupled with her charismatic stage presence, have made her a style icon and a source of inspiration for fans worldwide.

Hair and Eye Color

With captivating brown hair and matching brown eyes, Cabello’s natural features enhance her timeless beauty.

Shoe Size

Despite her modest height, Cabello possesses a stylish touch even in her footwear. With a US shoe size of 6.5, her choices in shoes reflect both comfort and fashion, blending seamlessly with her overall aesthetic.

Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
US Shoe Size6.5

Camila Cabello Career

Camila Cabello’s journey from a budding artist to a global sensation is nothing short of extraordinary. Let’s dive into the intricate chapters of her career, exploring the milestones, achievements, and the unique trajectory that has defined her musical legacy.

  • The Genesis: Early Musical Pursuits

Camila’s musical journey began at a young age, with early signs of her extraordinary talent evident in her performances at local events. Her passion for music took root during her time in Miami, setting the stage for the unparalleled career that awaited her.

  • Fifth Harmony: The Formative Years

The turning point in Cabello’s career came with her inclusion in the girl group Fifth Harmony during the second season of “The X Factor” in 2012. While the group achieved significant success, it was Camila’s distinct voice and stage presence that began to stand out, foreshadowing her solo endeavors.

  • Solo Breakthrough: “Havana” and Chart-Topping Success

In 2017, Cabello took a leap into solo stardom, unveiling the global phenomenon “Havana.” The song not only dominated charts worldwide but also established her as a formidable presence in the music industry. The song’s infectious melody and Cabello’s captivating vocals propelled her into the limelight.

  • Debut Album: “Camila”

Building on the success of “Havana,” Cabello released her debut solo album, “Camila,” in 2018. The album, a melting pot of pop, R&B and Latin influences, garnered critical acclaim, solidifying her position as a solo artist of remarkable merit.

  • Collaborations and Musical Evolution

Cabello continued to showcase her versatility through collaborations with renowned artists. Tracks like “Senorita” with Shawn Mendes and “South of the Border” with Ed Sheeran and Cardi B highlighted her ability to seamlessly navigate various genres, further expanding her musical footprint.

  • Acting Ventures and Philanthropy

Beyond music, Cabello ventured into acting, adding another dimension to her career. Her philanthropic efforts, including support for mental health awareness, showcase a commitment to using her platform for positive change.

  • Grammy Nomination and Industry Recognition

In 2019, Camila Cabello received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance, a testament to her impact on the industry. This recognition from peers and critics alike affirmed her status as a highly influential and respected artist.

  • Ongoing Success and Future Ventures

As of the latest available information, Cabello continues to dominate the music scene. Her dedication to evolving as an artist and pushing creative boundaries suggests that her journey is far from over. Fans eagerly anticipate her future ventures, expecting nothing short of brilliance.

  • Conclusion

Camila Cabello’s career is a narrative of talent, resilience and artistic authenticity. From her humble origins to global acclaim, she has navigated the intricate tapestry of the music industry with grace, leaving an enduring legacy that resonates across genres and speaks to fans around the world.

Camila Cabello Boyfriend

As of 2023, Camila Cabello is in a relationship with fellow musician Shawn Mendes. 

Camila Cabello Boyfriend: Shawn Mendes
Camila Cabello Boyfriend: Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were observed engaging in a public display of affection at Coachella in April 2023. The musical duo initially crossed paths in 2014, fostering a friendship that later evolved into a romantic relationship in July 2019.

Camila Cabello Married

As of 2023, Camila Cabello is not married. She is in a relationship with fellow musician Shawn Mendes, but there is no confirmation of marriage between them.

Personal Life
Marital StatusUnmarried
Camila Cabello BoyfriendShawn Mendes
SpouseNot Relevant
SonNot Yet Born
DaughterNot Yet Born

Camila Cabello Net Worth

As of 2023, the estimated net worth of Camila Cabello stands at $14 million. This financial milestone underscores her impact not only as an artist but also as a savvy businesswoman in the entertainment industry.

Camila Cabello Net Worth$18 Million
Annual IncomeUnder Research

Camila Cabello Age

As of the latest available information, Camila Cabello was born on March 3, 1997, making her 26 years old. 

Camila Cabello Ethnicity

Camila Cabello, the acclaimed Cuban-American singer and songwriter, proudly carries the banner of Hispanic heritage, infusing her music with the vibrant rhythms and cultural nuances of her roots.


In conclusion, Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao’s life is a tapestry woven with talent, passion, and resilience. From her roots in Cuba to the glitzy stages of the global music scene, her journey is an inspiration to many. As we bid adieu to this glimpse into her life, we encourage readers to explore further, discovering the layers that make Cabello the icon she is today.

Quick Camila Cabello Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
Full Real NameKarla Camila Cabello Estrabao
Date Of BirthMarch 3, 1997
Camila Cabello Age26 years old
Nick NameKaki, Mila and Camz
Family NameCabello
Birth PlaceHavana, Cuba
Current ResidenceMiami, Florida, USA
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter
Famous AsSinger
Sun SignPisces
AwardsUnder Research
Highest QualificationHigh School Diploma
High SchoolMiami Palmetto High School
CollegeNot Available
UniversityNot Available
ProfilesWikipedia, IMDB, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

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FAQs About Camila Cabello

Who is Camila Cabello?

Camila Cabello, born Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao on March three, 1997, is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter who has left an indelible mark on the global tune scene. From her early days in Havana, Cuba, to turning into a chart-topping solo artist, Cabello’s journey is a testimony to talent, resilience and cultural satisfaction.

What is Camila Cabello’s Full Name?

The complete name of Camila Cabello is Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao.

Where Was Camila Cabello Born?

Camila Cabello was born in Havana, Cuba.

How Old is Camila Cabello?

As of now, Camila Cabello is 26 years old, born on March 3, 1997.

What is Camila Cabello Famous For?

Camila Cabello is famous as a singer and songwriter. Her breakout solo unmarried, “Havana” and her debut solo album “Camila” catapulted her to international stardom. She is likewise recognized for her numerous musical styles and her contribution to the representation of Hispanic tradition inside the song enterprise

Has Camila Cabello Won Any Awards?

Cuban-born American singer Camila Cabello has earned numerous nominations and secured over 136 awards, including accolades achieved during her time as a member of the American girl group Fifth Harmony.

Is Camila Cabello Involved in Philanthropy?

Yes, Camila Cabello is involved in philanthropy. She has been a proponent for mental health cognizance and has used her platform to make contributions to advantageous societal trade.

Is Camila Cabello Currently in a Relationship?

As of the latest available information, Camila Cabello is in a relationship with fellow musician Shawn Mendes.

Who is Camila Cabello Dating?

As of the latest available information, Camila Cabello is in a relationship with fellow musician Shawn Mendes.

What Languages Does Camila Cabello Sing In?

Camila Cabello is known for singing in both English and Spanish. Her bilingual approach to music adds a unique and inclusive dimension to her artistry.

What Can We Expect from Camila Cabello in the Future?

Camila Cabello’s future in the music industry holds exciting prospects. As an evolving artist, fans can anticipate new musical ventures, collaborations and continued contributions to the cultural landscape.

How Tall is Camila Cabello?

Camila Cabello stands at a height of 5′ 2″ (1.57 meters).

Where is Camila Cabello From?

Camila Cabello is at the beginning from Havana, Cuba. However, she presently resides in Miami, Florida, USA.

How Much is Camila Cabello Worth?

Camila Cabello has an estimated net worth of approximately $18 million. Her financial success is attributed to her achievements as a solo artist, collaborations, global tours and endorsements.