Erin Ann Shipka Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Height, Parents, Husband, Full Biography 2024

Erin Ann Shipka Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Height, Parents, Husband, Full Biography 2024

Erin Ann Shipka is known as the mother of Kiernan Shipka, a well-known actress. While Erin Ann Shipka is not as prominently in the public eye as her daughter, she is recognized for her connection to the entertainment industry through Kiernan’s successful career.

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Erin Ann Shipka Family

Erin Ann Shipka Parents

Her parents are Rose Mary and William Brennan.

  • Rose Mary Brennan: Erin’s mother, originally from Joliet, Illinois, is described as a regional senior investigator for Country Companies of Bloomington.
  • William Brennan: Erin’s father, originally from Chicago, was a senior consultant for Brennan’s PEB & Associates in Chicago. 


Erin Shipka, as far as publicly available information goes, does not have any siblings. She is the only child of Rose Mary and William Brennan. 

FatherWilliam Brennan
MotherRose Mary Brennan
BrotherWill Update
SisterWill Update

Early Life

Unfortunately, Erin Shipka chooses to keep her personal life, including her early life, quite private. There’s limited publicly available information about her childhood, family history, or education.

What we do know is that she’s of Irish descent and was born to Rose Mary and William Brennan. We don’t have details about her upbringing or what led her to marry John Young Shipka and eventually become the mother of actress Kiernan Shipka.

Erin Ann Shipka with her Daughter Kiernan Shipka
Erin Ann Shipka with her Daughter Kiernan Shipka

However, we can speculate based on what we know about Kiernan’s early life and Erin’s current role as a supportive mother. It’s likely that Erin herself enjoyed a loving and supportive upbringing that instilled in her the values of family, loyalty, and nurturing those around her. This would align with her current role in Kiernan’s life.

While specific details about Erin Shipka’s early life may remain obscure, focusing on her impact on her daughter’s life and the values she seems to hold dear can offer a meaningful glimpse into the kind of person she is and the environment she may have grown up in.

Erin Ann Shipka Height, Weight and More

Erin Ann Shipka’s height, weight and additional personal information were not publicly disclosed. 

Erin Ann Shipka Career

Erin Ann Shipka, although she prefers to stay out of the limelight, has actually built a fulfilling career outside of her role as Kiernan Shipka’s mother. Here’s what we know about her professional life:

Early years and business

Before marrying John Young Shipka, Erin worked as a regional senior investigator for Country Companies of Bloomington.

Some sources also mention her involvement in interior design, though the extent of this involvement is unclear.

Following her marriage and the birth of Kiernan, Erin seems to have focused primarily on raising her daughter while supporting John’s real estate development career.

Current focus and passions

Currently, Erin’s main professional engagement appears to be her role as a manager and executive producer for Kiernan’s acting career. She actively supports Kiernan in navigating the entertainment industry and helps manage her projects.

Beyond her daughter’s career, Erin is known for her philanthropic activities. She actively supports charities like “Stand Up to Cancer” and “Operation Smile,” instilling the value of social responsibility in both Kiernan and her personal life.

Public persona and values

Erin seems to prioritize a private life, rarely appearing in public interviews or attending high-profile events. This aligns with her overall focus on supporting and nurturing her family.

Despite her limited public presence, Erin’s values and priorities shine through in the way she has raised Kiernan. Her emphasis on family, loyalty, and giving back leaves a positive and inspiring footprint.


While Erin Shipka may not have her own high-profile career in the spotlight, her professional focus as Kiernan’s manager and executive producer, along with her philanthropic work and dedication to family, contribute to a meaningful and impactful life.

Erin Ann Shipka Husband and Daughter

Erin Ann Shipka is widely recognized as the mother of Kiernan Shipka and the spouse of John Young Shipka.

John Young Shipka and Kiernan Shipka
John Young Shipka and Kiernan Shipka

Erin Ann Shipka Married

Erin Ann Shipka is wedded to John Young Shipka, a real estate developer. Together, they have a daughter named Kiernan Shipka.

Personal Life
Marital StatusMarried
Husband / SpouseJohn Young Shipka
DaughterKiernan Shipka
SonWill Update

Erin Ann Shipka Net Worth

Erin Ann Shipka’s estimated net worth is approximately $500,000.

Net Worth$500,000
Annual IncomeWill Update

Erin Ann Shipka Age

As of the latest information, Erin Ann Shipka is 46 years old, born in 1977, and is a female. She hails from Chicago, Illinois and follows the Christian faith.

Erin Ann Shipka Quick Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
NameErin Ann Shipka
AliasesErin Ann, Erin Ann Brennan
Age46 years Old
ProfessionActress, Media personality
Date Of Birth1977
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois
Social Media Profiles
WikipediaClick Here
IMDBClick Here

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FAQs About Erin Ann Shipka

Is Erin Shipka involved in the entertainment industry like her daughter Kiernan Shipka?

No, Erin Shipka is not directly involved in the entertainment industry. She is recognized as the mother of Kiernan Shipka, a well-known actress.

What is John Young Shipka’s profession?

John Young Shipka, Erin’s husband, is a real estate developer.

Is Erin Shipka active on social media?

Information about Erin Shipka’s social media presence is not readily available, as she tends to maintain a private life.