Julia Garner Net Worth, Height, Husband, Wiki, Full Biography 2024

Julia Garner Net Worth

Julia Garner, an American actress and model has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of entertainment with her exceptional talent and captivating beauty. She gained widespread recognition for her prominent role in the acclaimed Netflix TV series “Ozark” which remains one of her most notable achievements.

In this article, we will explore some facts about Julia Garner net worth including her hair color, eye color, age, height, measurement, monthly salary, weight, family, ethnicity, nationality, education, career, relationships, marriage and more.

Julia Garner Family


  • Father: Thomas Garner

Painter and art teacher, originally from Ohio. Her father comes from a Protestant background.

Mother: Tami Gingold

Therapist, formerly a successful comedian and actress in Israel. Julia’s mother is Jewish and emigrated from Israel before becoming a therapist in the United States.

Julia Garner Parents
Julia Garner Parents


  • Sister: Anna Garner

Older sister who works as a writer, artist, and producer.

FatherThomas Garner
MotherTami Gingold
SiblingsAnna Garner

Julia Garner Early Life

Julia Garner’s early life was about her strong love for acting and the arts. Let’s take a closer look at how she grew up:

  • Birth and Background

Julia was born on February 1, 1994, in Riverdale, New York, USA. She comes from a Jewish family which means they have their own special traditions and beliefs.

  • Family and Support

Julia had a close family with her mom, dad Thomas Garner and a younger sister named Anna Garner. They were always there to cheer her on and help her follow her dreams.

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  • School Days

Julia started to get interested in acting when she was in a regular school in New York. That’s where she began to love performing on stage. This was like the first step in her journey.

  • Big Dreams

Even when she was a kid Julia wanted to be an actress. Her family and her strong determination gave her the courage to chase her dreams.

Julia Garner’s early life was all about her passion for acting and her family’s support. This helped her get on the path to becoming a famous actress and she’s now an inspiration to many.

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Julia Garner Height

Julia Garner stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm. Her height though modest complements her unique charm and presence.

Height in Inches5 feet 5 inches
Height in Meters1.65 m
Julia Garner Height in Cm165 cm
Julia Garner Height and Weight
Julia Garner Height and Weight

Julia Garner Weight

She maintains a slender and graceful figure, with an approximate weight of 56 kilograms or 123 pounds. Her physique aligns with the industry’s expectations for actresses and models.

Julia Garner Weight in kilograms56 kg
Julia Garner Weight in Pounds123 pounds

Julia Garner Measurements

Julia Garner’s body measurements include 32 inches for her bust, 25 inches for her waist and 33 inches for her hips equivalent to 81-63.5-84 in centimeters. Her bra size is 32B with a B cup.

Measurements in cm81-63.5-84
Waist Size33 inches
Bra Size32B

Julia Garner Hair Color

Julia’s hair is known for its beautiful dark brown color, which adds to her striking appearance and versatility in various roles.

Julia Garner Eye Color

Her captivating navy blue eyes are one of her most defining features often drawing attention and enhancing her on-screen performances.

Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorNavy Blue

Julia Garner Career

Julia Garner’s career is a remarkable journey filled with talent, determination and adaptability. Here’s a closer look at her path in the entertainment industry:

  • Early Beginnings

Julia’s acting journey started with small roles on television. She made her professional acting debut in 2010 with a notable appearance in an episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

  • Television Triumph

Julia achieved widespread recognition for her role as Ruth Langmore in the acclaimed Netflix series “Ozark.” Her portrayal of the tough and multifaceted character garnered critical acclaim and in 2019, she received the prestigious award for Best Drama Supporting Actress. This pivotal role marked a turning point in her career and firmly established her as a rising star in television.

  • Silver Screen Success 

Beyond television, Julia Garner has made a significant impact in the world of film. She has embraced a variety of challenging roles in movies like “The Assistant” where she took on the lead character as well as in “Waco” and “The Perfection.” Her capability to portray complex characters highlights her versatility as an actress.

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  • Modeling Stature

Julia has also made her presence felt in the modeling industry. Her striking features, characterized by her dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes, have made her a sought-after figure in fashion. She has graced magazine covers and participated in various advertising campaigns.

  • Awards and Accolades

Julia’s remarkable talent and dedication to her craft have not gone unnoticed. Her depiction of Ruth in “Ozark” led to her receiving the Best Drama Supporting Actress award in 2019, underscoring her exceptional acting abilities and commitment to her profession.

Julia Garner’s career is characterized by her ability to seamlessly transition between television and film all while making a significant impact in the world of modeling. Her adaptability as an actress and her relentless commitment to her art have solidified her position as a rising star in the entertainment industry. Fans and industry insiders eagerly await her future projects and performances.

Julia Garner Husband

Julia Garner is actually married, not dating! She has been married to musician Mark Foster, the frontman of the band Foster the People, since December 2019. They met at the Sundance Film Festival in 2░0をしました (2018) and hit it off quickly. They dated for about 10 months before getting engaged and then tied the knot in a courthouse ceremony in New York City. They seem to be going strong and even celebrated their 3rd anniversary recently.

Julia Garner Husband: Mark Derek Foster
Julia Garner Husband: Mark Derek Foster

Julia Garner Children

As of March 2024, Julia Garner and her husband Mark Foster do not have any children. There haven’t been any public announcements about them starting a family either. However, their relationship seems strong, and their future plans are always a matter of privacy.

Personal Life
Marital StatusMarried
BoyfriendNot Dating
Julia Garner HusbandMark Derek Foster
ChildrenNot Know

Julia Garner Age

Julia Garner was born on February 1, 1994, in Riverdale, New York, USA. As of March 2024, Julia is 30 years old.

Julia Garner Net Worth

Julia Garner’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million as of 2024. Her net worth primarily stems from her earnings in the fields of acting and modeling.

Julia Garner Net Worth$4 million
Annual IncomeWill Updated

Julia Garner Ethnicity

Julia Garner’s ethnicity is a mix of backgrounds:

  • Jewish: Her mother, Tami Gingold, is Jewish and emigrated from Israel.
  • American: Her father, Thomas Garner, is an American from Ohio.

It’s not possible to pinpoint a single ethnicity for Julia as she inherits heritage from both sides of her family.

Julia Garner Religion

Julia comes from a Jewish background and her Jewish heritage is an essential part of her cultural identity and personal beliefs.

Quick Julia Garner Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
Full NameJulia Garner
Date of BirthFebruary 1, 1994
Julia Garner Age30 years old
Family NameGarner
Birth PlaceRiverdale, New York
Current ResidenceNew York
ProfessionActress, Model
Zodiac SignAquarius
AwardsBest Drama Supporting Actress 2019
Social Profiles
X (Twitter)X.com

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FAQs About Julia Garner

Who is Julia Garner?

American actress Julia Garner has made a name for herself with her role in the Netflix series Ozark as Ruth Langmore.

How old is Julia Garner?

Julia Garner was born on February 1, 1994, so she is currently 30 years old (as of March 2024).

Where is Julia Garner from?

Julia Garner hails from the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx, New York City.

Where does Julia Garner live?

Specific details about her current residence are private, but considering her career, it’s likely she spends time in Los Angeles for work.

How tall is Julia Garner?

Julia Garner stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches which is equivalent to 165 centimeters. 

How much is Julia Garner worth?

Estimates vary, but Julia Garner net worth is likely around $4 million.

How much does Julia Garner make per episode of Ozark?

Her salary for Ozark isn’t publicly disclosed.

Who are Julia Garner’s parents?

  • Mother: Tami Gingold (therapist, formerly a comedian in Israel)
  • Father: Thomas Garner (painter and art teacher)

Who is Julia Garner’s husband?

Musician Mark Foster, frontman of the band Foster the People. They married in December 2019.

Where did Julia Garner go to college?

Julia Garner did not attend a traditional four-year college.