Kelianne Stankus Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth, Wiki, Full Biography 2023

Kelianne Stankus Age

Kelianne Stankus is a multifaceted and accomplished performer known for her expertise in gymnastics, dance and choreography. Born on March 29, 1996, in the United States, she has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Kelianne has garnered recognition not only for her physical prowess as a gymnast but also for her artistic expression through dance.

In this article, we will explore some facts about Kelianne Stankus Age, including her hair color, eye color, age, measurement, monthly salary, net worth, weight, family, ethnicity, nationality, education, career, relationships, marriage and more.

Kelianne Stankus Family

Father: Leanne Stankus

Leanne Stankus, Kelianne’s father, stands as a pillar of support in her life.

Kelianne Stankus Father: Leanne Stankus
Kelianne Stankus Father: Leanne Stankus

Mother: Kelly Stankus

Kelianne’s mother, Kelly Stankus, is another integral part of the family tapestry. Beyond being a mother, Kelly’s role in providing a nurturing and supportive environment for Kelianne has been crucial.

Kelianne Stankus Siblings

Brothers: Cody and Lucas Stankus

Cody and Lucas Stankus, Kelianne’s brothers, add a layer of companionship and shared experiences to her life. 

Kelianne Stankus Mother and Brothers
FatherLeanne Stankus
MotherKelly Stankus
BrotherCody and Lucas Stankus
SisterHaven’t got any

Kelianne Stankus Early life

  • Unveiling the Early Chapters of a Star’s Journey

Kelianne Stankus, the luminary in the worlds of gymnastics, dance, and choreography, had her early life marked by a blend of determination, passion, and familial support. Let’s delve into the early chapters of Kelianne’s life, exploring the roots that laid the foundation for her remarkable journey.

  • A March Arrival of Sleepybear

Born on March 29, 1996, Kelianne Stankus entered the world with an innate spark that would later ignite her path to stardom. Affectionately known as “Sleepybear,” the nickname offers a glimpse into the endearing qualities that perhaps marked her early years.

Family Background

  • United States to the Glamour of Los Angeles

The backdrop of Kelianne’s early life is the United States, where her family provided the nurturing environment for her budding talents. As she navigated the early years, the Stankus family decided to call the glamorous city of Los Angeles home, setting the stage for the intersection of her passion and the entertainment hub’s vibrant energy.

  • Early Influences and Discovering Gymnastics

Manifesting an inclination toward physical pursuits from a tender age, Kelianne’s journey into the realm of gymnastics began as a revelation of her innate abilities. Early influences, whether from family or personal curiosity, set her on a trajectory that would soon see her making waves in the gymnastic arena.

  • Culmination of Dance and Choreography Passion

Beyond gymnastics, the seeds of Kelianne’s passion for dance and choreography were likely sown in the fertile ground of her early experiences. The fusion of athleticism and artistic expression became a defining aspect of her identity, shaping the multifaceted talent that the world would come to know.

  • Family Support and Shaping Values

Throughout these formative years, Kelianne’s family, including her parents, Leanne and Kelly, and her brothers, Cody and Lucas, played an instrumental role. Their unwavering support, encouragement, and shared moments contributed to the cultivation of values that would guide Kelianne’s journey toward success.

Kelianne Stankus’s early life lays the groundwork for a narrative of passion, discovery, and familial bonds. From the nickname that echoes affection to the diverse pursuits that marked her early years, each chapter contributes to the fascinating story of a star in the making.

Kelianne Stankus Height

Kelianne Stankus stands at 5 feet 1 inch or 1.55m tall.

Kelianne Stankus Height in Feet5 feet 1 inch
Kelianne Stankus Height in Cm155 cm
Kelianne Stankus Height in Meter1.55m

Kelianne Stankus Weight

Kelianne Stankus weighs 110 lbs or 50 kg.

Kelianne Stankus Weight in Kg50 kg
Kelianne Stankus Weight in Lbs110 lbs

Kelianne Stankus Measurement

Kelianne Stankus’s measurements, disclosed as 34-24-37, represent a numeric symphony that adds to the allure of her on-stage persona.


Kelianne Stankus Eye Color

Kelianne Stankus’s eyes are a mesmerizing shade of hazel, adding a captivating depth to her gaze. 

Eye ColorHazel

Kelianne Stankus Hair Color

Kelianne Stankus boasts a radiant brunette hair color that complements her vibrant personality.

Hair ColorRadiant

Kelianne Stankus Career

  • Kelianne Stankus: A Journey through the Layers of a Multifaceted Career

Kelianne Stankus’s career is a testament to her versatility, marked by achievements in gymnastics, dance and choreography. Let’s embark on a journey through the layers of Kelianne Stankus’s multifaceted career, exploring the milestones that have shaped her into the dynamic performer she is today.

  • Early Beginnings in Gymnastics

Kelianne Stankus’s journey began in the world of gymnastics, where her early pursuits showcased her natural athleticism and determination. These foundational years laid the groundwork for the physical prowess that would become a hallmark of her career.

  • Transition to Dance and Choreography

Moving beyond gymnastics, Kelianne transitioned into the realms of dance and choreography. This shift showcased her adaptability and creativity, as she seamlessly blended athleticism with artistic expression. Her performances became a captivating fusion of strength, grace, and emotion.

  • Social Media Influence

Kelianne’s presence on social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, significantly amplified her reach. Engaging content, behind-the-scenes glimpses and collaborations with other influencers contributed to her growing popularity, establishing her as not just a performer but also a social media influencer.

Kelianne Stankus
  • Collaborations and Partnerships

Kelianne Stankus’s career is marked by collaborations with fellow performers and influencers. These partnerships not only expanded her creative horizons but also introduced her to new audiences. Collaborative projects showcased her versatility and ability to work seamlessly within a team.

  • Innovative Ventures

Beyond traditional avenues, Kelianne explored innovative ventures that showcased her entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it be launching her own merchandise or exploring unique content formats, she continued to push boundaries and redefine the possibilities within her career.

  • Audience Connection

An essential element of Kelianne Stankus’s career is her ability to connect with her audience. Whether through captivating performances, personal vlogs or interactive social media engagement, she has cultivated a loyal fan base that follows her journey with enthusiasm.

  • Continuous Evolution

Kelianne Stankus’s career is characterized by continuous evolution. From gymnastics to dance to social media influencer, she has embraced change, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. This evolution ensures that her career remains dynamic and relevant in the ever-changing landscape of entertainment.

  • Conclusion: Kelianne Stankus—A Trailblazer in Entertainment

In conclusion, Kelianne Stankus’s career is a rich tapestry woven with threads of athleticism, creativity, and innovation. From her early forays in gymnastics to becoming a recognized figure in dance and choreography, she has embraced every facet of her journey. Kelianne Stankus stands as a pioneer, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape, and her multifaceted career continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Kelianne Stankus Boyfriend

Kelianne’s personal life includes a significant relationship with boyfriend Zach Cox. 

Kelianne Stankus Husband

Kelianne Stankus’s husband is Chase Mattson. Their love story unfolded in the world of social media, where shared interests and passions brought them together. The couple exchanged vows on June 10, 2022, marking the beginning of their journey as a married couple. 

Kelianne Stankus Husband and Kids
Kelianne Stankus Husband
Personal Life
Marital StatusMarried
BoyfriendZach Cox
Kelianne Stankus HusbandChase Mattson
SonNot gave birth
DaughterHazel and Nora


Kelianne Stankus Net Worth

Kelianne Stankus’s $5 million net worth is a testament to her talent, business acumen and strategic approach to her career.

Kelianne Stankus Net Worth$5 million
Annual Income$165 thousand

Kelianne Stankus Age

As of 2023, Kelianne Stankus is 27 years old, born on March 29, 1996 in the USA.

Kelianne Stankus Ethnicity

Kelianne Stankus identifies with Caucasian White ethnicity.

Quick Kelianne Stankus Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
Full Real NameKelianne Stankus
Date of BirthMarch 29, 1996
Kelianne Stankus Age27 years old
Nick NameSleepybear
Family NameStankus
Birth PlaceUnited States
Current ResidenceLos Angeles
ProfessionGymnast, Dancer, Choreographer
EthnicityCaucasian White
Sun SignAries
AwardsUnder Research
Highest QualificationGraduate
High SchoolLocal High school
CollegeNot joined
UniversityNot attended
ProfilesYouTube, Instagram, Twitter

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FAQs About Kelianne Stankus

Who is Kelianne Stankus?

Kelianne Stankus is a multifaceted performer known for her achievements in gymnastics, dance and choreography. Her dynamic career has expanded into the realms of social media, where she engages with a global audience through platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

 How Tall is Kelianne Stankus?

Kelianne Stankus stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch (1.55 meters).

How Old is Kelianne Stankus?

As of 2023, Kelianne Stankus is 27 years old, born on March 29, 1996.

Where is Kelianne Stankus From?

Kelianne Stankus hails from the United States. Her birthplace is not disclosed in the provided information.

What is Kelianne Stankus’s Instagram?

Kelianne Stankus can be found on Instagram with the username @kelianne.

How Old is Chase Mattson and Kelianne Stankus?

As of the latest information, Kelianne Stankus is 27 years old, and her husband Chase Mattson age 29 years old.

Who is Kelianne Stankus’s Husband?

Kelianne Stankus’s husband is Chase Mattson. The couple got married on June 10, 2022. As of now, they have been married for approximately 1 year.

What Ethnicity is Kelianne Stankus?

Kelianne Stankus identifies with Caucasian White ethnicity, adding a cultural dimension to her identity.