Larry Wheels Girlfriend, Height, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Wiki, Full Biography 2024

Larry Wheels Girlfriend, Height, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Wiki, Full Biography 2024

Larry Wheels, born Larry Williams on December 3, 1994, transcends the conventional definition of a strength athlete. Renowned as a powerlifter, bodybuilder, and social media sensation, Larry Wheels has become a symbol of strength, versatility and inspiration in the world of fitness.

In this article, we will explore some facts about Larry Wheels Girlfriend, including her hair color, eye color, measurement, kids, net worth, monthly salary, age, weight, family, ethnicity, nationality, education, career, relationships, marriage and more.

Larry Wheels Family

PArents and Siblings

Larry Wheels has not revealed specific details about his parents and siblings, keeping the focus on his professional endeavors.


Larry Wheels Early Life

Larry Wheels, the embodiment of power and resolution, strains his roots again to the active streets of The Bronx. In this exploration, we unveil the early years that molded Larry’s formative experiences, laying the basis for his notable journey in the realm of weightlifting.

  • The Bronx: A Forge of Tenacity

Born Larry Williams on December three, 1994, Larry entered the arena amidst the hustle and bustle of The Bronx, New York City. This borough, recognized for its resilience and grit, became the backdrop for Larry’s upbringing—an surroundings that demanded both physical and mental fortitude.

  • Urban Upbringing: A Crucible of Resilience

Larry’s childhood unfolded in an urban setting where he learned lifestyles’s intricacies in a metropolis renowned for its challenges. The Bronx, with its wealthy cultural range, supplied a unique canvas for Larry’s early years, shaping him into the character he might grow to be.

  • Early Passion for Fitness and Power

Even in his youngsters, Larry exhibited a profound hobby in health and strength. His early fascination with lifting weights have become a defining element of his identity, putting the degree for a journey that would propel him to the pinnacles of expert powerlifting and bodybuilding.

  • The Bronx Community’s Impact

The network plays a pivotal position in shaping one’s individual, and Larry Wheels, amid the vibrancy and trials of The Bronx, advanced a experience of determination and perseverance that could later outline his method to both lifestyles and weightlifting.

  • Educational Pursuits in The Bronx

Larry’s educational journey began in The Bronx, laying the foundation for both his intellectual and physical pursuits. The challenges of an urban educational environment further fueled his drive to succeed, instilling in him a resilience that transcended the gym.

  • Navigating Adversity: The Bronx Spirit

Adversity is woven into the fabric of The Bronx and Larry Wheels embraced this spirit. His ability to navigate challenges and rework them into possibilities became an essential thing that might shape his method to each lifestyle and the demanding international of weightlifting.

  • The Decision to Pursue Weightlifting

At a crucial juncture in his childhood, Larry made the pivotal decision to delve into the sector of weightlifting. This preference marked the graduation of an adventure that might see him upward thrust as a dominant force within the fiercely competitive realm of powerlifting.

Larry Wheels: The Decision to Pursue Weightlifting
  • The Streets as a Training Ground

The streets of The Bronx served as more than just a backdrop; they became Larry’s training ground. From impromptu workouts to drawing inspiration from the vitality of the city, every aspect of The Bronx found its way into Larry’s approach to fitness.

  • Early Challenges and Triumphs

Larry Wheels’ initial steps into weight lifting were not without challenges. However, every setback served as a stepping stone to more accomplishments, propelling him ahead on a trajectory towards becoming a renowned figure in the global of electricity sports activities.

  • Conclusion

Larry Wheels’ formative years in The Bronx laid the muse for the powerhouse he’s nowadays. The lessons learned on the gritty streets, the resilience cultivated inside the face of adversity, and the unwavering commitment to energy all contribute to the narrative of Larry’s first-rate journey.

Larry Wheels Height

Larry Wheels stands tall at 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 m.

Larry Wheels Height in Inches6 feet 1 inch 
Larry Wheels Height in Cm185 cm
Larry Wheels Height in Meters1.85 m
Larry Wheels Height and Weight
Larry Wheels Height and Weight

Larry Wheels Weight

Larry Wheels weighs 115 kg or 253.5 lbs.

Larry Wheels Weight in KG115 Kg
Larry Wheels Weight in Pounds253.5 lbs

Larry Wheels Measurements

Larry’s body measurements include a chest of 56 inches, arms of 23 inches, waist of 34 inches, thighs of 32 inches and calves of 20 inches.

Body MeasurementsChest: 56 inch
Arms: 23 inch
Thighs: 32 Inch
Waist: 34 inch
Calves: 20 inch

Hair and Eyes Color

Larry’s brown eyes and black hair adds a touch of charisma to his persona.

Shoe Size

Larry Wheels wears a US shoe size of 12.

Shoe Size12 US
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Larry Wheels Career

Larry Wheels, born Larry Williams on December 3, 1994, has woven a career that surpasses the bounds of powerlifting and bodybuilding. This exploration delves into the sizable moments, hurdles and victories that define Larry’s notable professional adventure.

  • Embarking on the Weightlifting Odyssey

Larry’s initiation into the realm of weightlifting took place at some stage in his youth. Fueled by using a fervor for energy and athleticism, he began an adventure that could remodel him from a newbie lifter into an indomitable pressure in competitive weightlifting.

  • Powerlifting Prodigy: Ascending the Ranks

Larry Wheels swiftly drew attention for his extraordinary skills in powerlifting. Breaking records became second nature, as he hoisted weights that appeared unimaginable to many. His early accomplishments in powerlifting competitions set the stage for a career marked by supremacy and innovation.

  • Venturing into the World of Bodybuilding

Beyond the confines of powerlifting, Larry expanded his horizons into bodybuilding. This transition showcased his adaptability as he sculpted his physique to meet the demands of a distinct discipline. Larry’s foray into bodybuilding added a new dimension to his career, illustrating his commitment to pushing the limits.

  • Wrestling Escapades: An Unexpected Turn

In a surprising twist, Larry Wheels explored the realms of wrestling. This venture into a different athletic domain highlighted his readiness to embrace new challenges and diversify his skill set. Larry’s wrestling endeavors injected dynamism into his career, capturing the attention of fans across various sports.

  • The Genesis of “Larry Wheels”

Larry earned the moniker “Larry Wheels,” a name that would resonate within the weightlifting community and beyond. This branding marked not just a change in nomenclature but a symbolic transformation, representing the evolution of Larry from a promising athlete to an icon in the world of strength sports.

  • Dominance in the Digital Sphere

Larry Wheels’ career extends beyond physical competitions into the digital realm. His presence on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, has cultivated a global fan base. Through captivating content and glimpses into his training routines, Larry has become a digital influencer, inspiring aspiring athletes globally.

  • Larry’s Cyber Domain

Larry Wheels expanded his influence by establishing “,” a website offering insights into his lifestyle, training methodologies and a platform for fitness enthusiasts to engage with his brand. This virtual domain solidifies Larry’s presence in the fitness community.

  • TikTok Adventures: Embracing Virality

Larry’s foray into TikTok exemplifies his ability to adapt to evolving digital landscapes. Short, engaging videos showcase a more lighthearted side of Larry Wheels, connecting with a diverse audience and expanding his influence beyond traditional platforms.

  • Challenges and Triumphs: A Narrative of Dynamic Career

Larry Wheels’ career is not devoid of challenges. From navigating the needs of expert competitions to managing the expectancies of a burgeoning fan base, Larry’s knack for overcoming boundaries offers intensity to his narrative. Each triumph serves as an affidavit to his resilience and unwavering determination to his craft.

  • Conclusion

Larry Wheels’ profession is a tapestry woven with electricity, willpower and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. From his early days in weightlifting to his contemporary status as an worldwide health icon, Larry’s journey stands as an proposal for aspiring athletes and a testimony to the boundless opportunities within the realm of strength sports activities.

Larry Wheels Ex Girlfriend

Larry Wheels and Brittany’s relationship was a prominent aspect of Larry’s life during a specific period.

Larry Wheels Girlfriend: Brittany
Larry Wheels Girlfriend: Brittany

Larry Wheels Ex Girlfriend

Larry Wheels was in a relationship with American model and social media star Nicole Drinkwater. Larry Wheels and Nicole Drinkwater share glimpses of their relationship on social media, providing followers with a curated look into their shared fitness journey and personal life.

Larry Wheels Girlfriend: Nicole Drinkwater
Larry Wheels Girlfriend: Nicole Drinkwater

Larry Wheels Girlfriend

Larry Wheels’ current girlfriend is Sheyla Djakovac.

Larry Wheels Married

The specific date of Larry Wheels’ marriage is not publicly disclosed. 

Personal Life 
Marital StatusSingle
Ex-GirlfriendBrittany, Nicole Drinkwater
Larry Wheels GirlfriendSheyla Djakovac
DaughterWill update
SonWill update

Larry Wheels Net Worth

As of 2024, Larry Wheels’ net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Larry Wheels accumulated his wealth through a combination of powerlifting achievements, diversification into bodybuilding and wrestling, brand endorsements, digital presence and ventures like “”

Larry Wheels Net Worth$1.5 million
Annual IncomeWill Update

Larry Wheels Age

Larry Wheels, born Larry Williams on December 3, 1994, stands at the vibrant age of 28 as of 2023

Larry Wheels Ethnicity

Larry Wheels’ ethnicity is classified as multiracial, reflecting a blend of various cultural influences.


Larry Wheels’ journey is a testimony to determination, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence. From the streets of The Bronx to the pinnacle of powerlifting, Larry’s tale continues to encourage aspiring athletes and enthusiasts globally.

Quick Larry Wheels Wiki / Bio

Basic Info 
Real NameLarry Williams
NicknameLarry Wheels
Famous AsWeightlifting, Wrestling
ProfessionPlayer, Professional Power lifter, Bodybuilder
Larry Wheels Age28 years (2023)
Date of BirthDecember 3, 1994
BirthplaceThe Bronx, New York City, USA
Education and School, College 
Educational QualificationGraduate
SchoolWill update
College/ UniversityWill update
Social Media AccountsLinks

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FAQs About Larry Wheels

Who is Larry Wheels?

Larry Wheels, born Larry Williams on December 3, 1994, is a renowned powerlifter, bodybuilder and social media influencer. His journey into the world of strength sports has made him a symbol of versatility and inspiration, transcending conventional boundaries in fitness.

How much does Larry Wheels weigh?

As of the latest available information, Larry Wheels weighs approximately 115 kilograms (253 pounds). His weight may fluctuate depending on training and competition demands.

How tall is Larry Wheels?

Larry Wheels stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters).

How old is Larry Wheels?

As of 2023, Larry Wheels is 28 years old. Born on December 3, 1994, he has achieved remarkable success at a relatively young age, becoming a prominent figure in the fitness world.

Who is Larry Wheels’ girlfriend?

Larry Wheels’ current girlfriend is Sheyla Djakovac. While Larry has been private about certain aspects of his personal life, his relationship with Sheyla has been acknowledged through social media posts.

Where does Larry Wheels live?

The specific details about Larry Wheels’ current place of residence are not extensively disclosed. Larry has chosen to maintain a level of privacy regarding his exact location.

Where is Larry Wheels from?

Larry Wheels hails from The Bronx, New York City, USA. His upbringing in this urban landscape played a role in shaping his worldview and contributed to the diverse influences in his life.