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Maria Brink Age

Maria Brink is a renowned American musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist and frontwoman of the acclaimed rock band In This Moment. Born on December 18, 1977, in New York, United States, Maria has carved a significant place for herself in the music industry.

In this article, we will explore some facts about Maria Brink Age, including her hair color, eye color, measurement, kids, monthly salary, weight, family, ethnicity, nationality, education, career, relationships, marriage and more.

Maria Brink Family

Ronald Brink: Father

It is probable that her father goes by the name Ronald Brink.

Rita: Mother

Rita, Maria Brink’s mother, emerges as a pivotal figure in her life. As a single parent, Rita provided unwavering support to Maria, nurturing her artistic inclinations and instilling values that would guide her throughout her career.


Maria shares a close bond with her brother, Chris. Growing up together, they experienced the highs and lows, forming a strong foundation of family support that has remained unwavering in Maria’s life.

FatherRonald Brink
SisterWill Updated

Maria Brink’s Early Life 

  • A Prelude to Musical Brilliance

Maria Brink, the powerhouse vocalist and creative force behind In This Moment, embarked on a journey that began in the vibrant backdrop of her early life. This article explores the formative years of Maria Brink, shedding light on the influences, challenges, and experiences that shaped the musical prodigy we know today.

  • Birth and New York Roots

Maria Brink graced the world along with her presence on December 18, 1977, in New York, United States. Her delivery no longer handiest marked a joyous event for her circle of relatives; however, it also set the stage for a life destined to be interwoven with the appeal of tune. 

  • Family Foundation: The Brinks

Raised in a family where the details of her father, potentially named Ronald Brink, remain speculative, Maria found solid support in her mother, Rita, and brother, Chris. The dynamics of the Brink family contributed to the resilience and determination that define Maria’s character.

  • Early Signs of Artistry

From a young age, Maria displayed a natural affinity for the arts, with an early inclination towards music. The atmosphere of New York, known for its rich cultural tapestry, likely played a role in nurturing her budding creativity.

  • The Influence of New York’s Music Scene

Growing up in New York, Maria Brink was immersed in a melting pot of musical genres and styles. The city’s vibrant music scene, from jazz to rock, may have acted as a catalyst for Maria’s diverse musical palette.

Maria Brink
  • Educational Journey

Maria’s early education likely provided a foundation for her future endeavors. While specific details about her educational path are not extensively documented, the influence of her early learning experiences undoubtedly contributed to her evolving artistic expression.

  • Passion for Singing Takes Flight

As Maria traversed her adolescent years, her passion for singing took center stage. Whether in school performances or local events, the budding songstress began to showcase the extraordinary vocal prowess that would later define her career.

  • Facing Challenges with Tenacity

Early life is often marked by challenges, and Maria Brink’s journey was no exception. The resilience she developed during her formative years became a cornerstone, aiding her in overcoming obstacles on her path to musical stardom.

  • Discovery of In This Moment

A pivotal moment in Maria’s early life occurred with her involvement in In This Moment. Joining the band marked a significant leap forward, providing a platform for her to unleash her artistic vision and make a lasting impact on the music industry.


  • Conclusion

In conclusion, Maria Brink’s early years established the foundation for a remarkable journey characterized by passion, resilience, and a profound connection to the world of music. The influences of New York, the support of her family, and the challenges she faced collectively shaped the artistic genius who continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Maria Brink Height

Maria Brink stands tall with a height of 165 cm, equivalent to 5 feet 5 inches. 

Maria Brink Height in Centimeters165 cm
Maria Brink Height in meters1.65 m
Maria Brink Height in Inches5 feet 5 inches
Maria Brink Height and Weight
Maria Brink Height and Weight

Maria Brink Weight

Maria Brink weighs around 65 kg, which is approximately 143 lbs.

Weight in Kilograms65 kg
Weight in Pounds143 lbs

Maria Brink Measurements

Her body measurements of 35-28-36 showcase a harmonious blend of curves, contributing to her distinctive and visually appealing aesthetic.

Body Measurements35-28-36
Bra Size35B
Waist Size28
Hip Size36

Maria Brink Eyes and Hair Color

Maria’s blue eyes and blonde hair form a captivating palette that adds to her allure.

Maria Brink Shoe Size

Maria Brink wears a size 8 US.

Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Body TypeCurvy
Shoe Size8 US

Maria Brink’s Musical Odyssey 

  • A Journey Through a Storied Career

Maria Brink, the dynamic force at the helm of In This Moment, has etched her place in the music industry through a combination of unparalleled vocal prowess and visionary creativity. This article embarks on a detailed exploration of Maria Brink’s illustrious career, chronicling its inception, milestones, challenges, and the indomitable spirit that defines her musical odyssey.

  • Early Affinity for Music

Maria Brink’s journey into the realm of music commenced with an early passion for singing, emerging during her formative years. Raised in the vibrant musical environment of New York, the city’s diverse musical influences played a crucial role in shaping her early musical inclinations.

  • Formation of In This Moment

The pivotal moment in Maria Brink’s career occurred with the formation of In This Moment in 2005. The band, founded with guitarist Chris Howorth, marked the beginning of a musical odyssey that would catapult Maria into the spotlight.

  • Inaugural Album: “Beautiful Tragedy”

In 2007, In This Moment unveiled their debut album “Beautiful Tragedy.” This musical offering not only showcased Maria’s commanding vocals but also solidified the band’s standing in the metalcore and alternative metal genres.

  • Evolution of Sound: “The Dream” and “A Star-Crossed Wasteland”

Subsequent albums, including “The Dream” (2008) and “A Star-Crossed Wasteland” (2010), witnessed an evolution in In This Moment’s sonic landscape. Maria’s adept blending of metal, hard rock, and industrial elements contributed to the band’s distinctive musical identity.

  • Breakthrough Success: “Blood”

The album “Blood” (2012) became a defining moment in Maria Brink’s career. The title track gained widespread acclaim, earning the band mainstream recognition and solidifying their status in the rock and metal scenes.

  • Theatricality and Visual Aesthetics

In addition to her vocal prowess, Maria is renowned for her theatrical stage presence and visually captivating aesthetics. The incorporation of elaborate stage setups and evocative costumes further distinguishes In This Moment’s live performances.

  • Collaborations and Solo Ventures

Maria Brink’s versatility extends beyond the confines of In This Moment. She has engaged in collaborations with artists across genres, showcasing her ability to transcend musical boundaries. Additionally, Maria has explored solo ventures, displaying a multifaceted approach to her craft.

  • Impactful Releases: “Black Widow” and “Ritual”

Albums like “Black Widow” (2014) and “Ritual” (2017) continued to showcase Maria’s songwriting prowess and the band’s sonic versatility. Each release demonstrated an evolution in their sound while maintaining the raw intensity that defines In This Moment.

  • Resilience and Empowerment Themes

Maria Brink’s lyrical themes often revolve around resilience, empowerment, and self-discovery. Her ability to infuse personal experiences into her lyrics resonates with fans, creating a powerful connection through the universal language of music.

  • Continued Relevance and Future Prospects

As of 2023, Maria Brink continues to be a driving force in the music industry. In This Moment’s albums and performances consistently receive acclaim, showcasing the enduring relevance of Maria’s contributions to the rock and metal genres.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, Maria Brink’s career is a testament to artistic evolution, resilience, and a commitment to pushing musical boundaries. From the early days of In This Moment to her solo ventures, Maria’s journey remains a captivating narrative of musical exploration and creative fearlessness.

Maria Brink Boyfriend

Jonathan Miller is mentioned as Maria Brink’s boyfriend, adding a romantic dimension to her personal life.

Jonathan Miller
Maria Brink Boyfriend: Jonathan Miller

Maria Brink Husband

As of now, Maria Brink remains unmarried, prioritizing personal growth and familial bonds.

Maria Brink Son

When Brink was 15 years old, she gave birth to a son named Davion.

Maria Brink Son: Davion
Maria Brink Son: Davion
Personal Life
Marital StatusUnmarried
Maria Brink BoyfriendJonathan Miller
Maria Brink HusbandWill Updated
SonDavion Brink
DaughterWill Updated

Maria Brink Net Worth

Maria Brink’s estimated net worth is $5 million. Maria Brink earns income through album sales, streaming revenue, touring and live performances with In This Moment.

Maria Brink Net Worth$5 million
Annual IncomeWill Updated

Maria Brink Age

Maria Brink was born in New York, United States, on December 18, 1977. Maria Brink is currently 46 years old.

Maria Brink Ethnicity

Maria Brink identifies ethnically as white.


In precis, Maria Brink’s adventure reflects not only her musical prowess however also her resilience, values and impact on the tune enterprise. As a multifaceted artist, her story continues to resonate with lovers and aspiring musicians alike.

Quick Maria Brink Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
Real NameMaria Brink
Known AsMember of In This Moment
Age46 years (2023)
Date of BirthDecember 18, 1977
BirthplaceNew York, United States
ProfessionMusician, Singer, Songwriter
Social Media

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FAQs About Maria Brink

Who is Maria Brink?

Maria Brink is a distinguished musician, known as the lead vocalist and frontwoman of the acclaimed rock band In This Moment. Born on December 18, 1977, in New York, United States, Maria has garnered a considerable reputation for her powerful vocals, charismatic presence and revolutionary contributions to the tune enterprise.

How tall is Maria Brink?

Maria Brink stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm), showcasing a commanding stature that complements her dynamic and captivating performances on stage.

Where is Maria Brink from?

Maria Brink originates from New York, United States. Her upbringing in this culturally diverse and vibrant city has undoubtedly influenced her musical journey and artistic expression.

How old is Maria Brink?

As of 2023, Maria Brink is 46 years old. Her birthdate is December 18, 1977, signifying a career that has spanned over several decades, evolving alongside the changing landscape of rock music.

Who is Maria Brink dating?

Maria Brink is currently in a relationship with Jonathan Miller. The dynamics of their relationship add a personal dimension to Maria’s life, showcasing the interplay between her private and public spheres.

Who did Maria Brink have a kid with?

Maria Brink is the proud mother of her son, Davion Brink. The details about Davion’s father and their family dynamics are typically kept private, allowing Maria to balance her role as a mother with her demanding career.

How Old is Maria Brink’s Son?

As of 2023, the age of Maria Brink’s son, Davion is 31 years old.