Daniel Ezra Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Wiki, Full Biography 2024

Daniel Ezra Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Wiki, Full Biography 2024

Daniel Ezra is a British actor known for his role as Spencer James on the TV series “All American. Born on April 4, 1993, in Birmingham, England, he has gained recognition for his versatile performances. Daniel Ezra has made a significant impact, particularly for his portrayal of James Spencer in the world of acting.

In this article, we will explore some facts about Daniel Ezra Height ,Net Worth, including her hair color, eye color, measurement, kids, net worth, monthly salary, age, weight, family, ethnicity, nationality, education, career, relationships, marriage and more.

Daniel Ezra Family

Parents and Siblings

Daniel Ezra hails from a family that has largely remained private, with limited details available to the public.

FatherNot Disclosed
MotherNot Disclosed
GrandfatherUnder Review
GrandmotherUnder Review

Daniel Ezra’s Early Life

  • Birth and Origins

Daniel Ezra, the acclaimed British actor, entered the world on April 4, 1993, in the vibrant city of Birmingham, England. This marked the beginning of a life that would later become intertwined with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

  • Cultural Upbringing

Growing up in the heart of Birmingham, Ezra experienced a culturally rich and diverse environment. The city’s tapestry played a crucial role in shaping his identity and perspectives, laying the foundation for the actor’s future endeavors.

Daniel Ezra Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Wiki, Full Biography 2024
  • Family Ties

While specific details about his family members, including his father, mother, siblings, grandfather and grandmother, remain undisclosed, Ezra’s early life was undoubtedly influenced by the bonds and relationships within his family. The actor’s decision to keep these details private adds an intriguing layer to his personal narrative.

  • Childhood Ambitions

Even in his formative years, there were perhaps early hints of the actor’s future career. Childhood aspirations and dreams may have provided glimpses into the passion that would eventually lead Daniel Ezra to pursue a career in acting.

  • Educational Journey

Details about Ezra’s educational background during his early years are currently under review. However, it is clear that his journey from Birmingham to Hollywood involved not only cultural influences but also a dedication to learning and personal growth.

  • Nurturing Talent

Early signs of Ezra’s talent may have emerged during his time in Birmingham. Whether through school performances, community events, or other platforms, his journey to becoming a celebrated actor likely had its roots in the nurturing of his innate abilities during his early years.

  • Conclusion of the Early Years

In conclusion, Daniel Ezra’s early life in Birmingham set the stage for a remarkable journey. The cultural richness, family ties, childhood ambitions, and educational experiences undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping the actor we know today. While specific details may remain private, the impact of his early years is evident in the multifaceted talent that Daniel Ezra brings to the entertainment industry.

Daniel Ezra Height and Weight

Daniel Ezra stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 78 kg (171 lbs).

Daniel Ezra Height in Feet5 feet 8 inches
Daniel Ezra Height in Cm172 cm
Daniel Ezra Height in Meter1.72 m
Daniel Ezra Weight in Kg78 kg
Daniel Ezra Weight in Lbs171 lbs
Daniel Ezra Height and Weight
Daniel Ezra Height and Weight

Daniel Ezra Measurements

While specific body measurements remain unknown, Ezra maintains a well-proportioned physique, complementing his versatile acting abilities.

Hair and Eye Color

Ezra is recognized for his black hair, brown eyes and a charismatic on-screen presence.

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
US Shoe Size9

Daniel Ezra’s Stellar Career

Decision to Pursue Acting

  • Embarking on the Journey

Daniel Ezra’s foray into the world of acting wasn’t just a career choice; it was a passionate pursuit. The decision to delve into the realms of performance and storytelling set the stage for a remarkable journey.

  • Early Struggles and Breakthroughs

Every success story has its share of challenges, and Ezra’s path to stardom was no exception. Early struggles in the industry were met with determination and resilience, leading to breakthrough moments that would define his burgeoning career.

Role as James Spencer

  • Captivating Audiences

The turning point in Ezra’s career came with his portrayal of James Spencer, a character that resonated with audiences globally. The ability to bring depth and authenticity to his roles catapulted Ezra into the spotlight, earning him acclaim and recognition.

  • Awards and Recognition

While specific awards remain under research, the impact of Ezra’s performances has undoubtedly left an indelible mark. Recognition from peers and industry professionals attests to the actor’s skill and dedication to his craft.

Notable Achievements in the Acting Industry

  • Beyond James Spencer

Ezra’s career is not confined to a single role. His versatility as an actor is showcased through various projects, each contributing to a body of work that reflects his commitment to excellence.

  • Impact on the Entertainment Landscape

Beyond individual roles, Ezra’s contributions have had a broader impact on the entertainment landscape. Whether through compelling narratives or groundbreaking performances, he has played a role in shaping the industry.

Relocation to Los Angeles

  • Chasing Dreams in Hollywood

The decision to move to Los Angeles marked a pivotal moment in Ezra’s career. The entertainment capital of the world provided a platform for the actor to expand his horizons and explore new opportunities.

  • Navigating Hollywood’s Terrain

Navigating the competitive terrain of Hollywood requires not only talent but also adaptability. Ezra’s journey in Los Angeles reflects his ability to navigate the challenges of the industry while staying true to his craft.

  • Conclusion of a Chapter, Prelude to More

In conclusion, Daniel Ezra’s career is a testament to passion, perseverance, and a commitment to artistic excellence. From early struggles to the heights of Hollywood, his journey continues to inspire aspiring actors and captivate audiences worldwide. As he navigates the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, one can only anticipate more chapters of success and artistic brilliance from this British actor.

Daniel Ezra Girlfriend

As of 2024, Daniel Ezra is in a relationship with Greta Onieogou.

Daniel Ezra Girlfriend: Greta Onieogou
Daniel Ezra Girlfriend

Daniel Ezra Wife

As of the latest information available, Daniel Ezra is not married.

Personal Life
Marital StatusUnmarried
Daniel Ezra GirlfriendGreta Onieogou
Daniel Ezra Wife / SpouseNo

Daniel Ezra Net Worth

Daniel Ezra’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $7 million. Daniel Ezra’s net worth reflects not only the monetary gains of a successful acting career but also the broader impact of his artistic contributions. 

Daniel Ezra Net Worth$7 million
Annual IncomeUnder Research

Daniel Ezra Age

Daniel Ezra, the acclaimed British actor, was born on April 4, 1993. As of the latest information, this places him at 30 years old, marking the passage of time since his entry into the world.

Daniel Ezra Ethnicity

Daniel Ezra proudly identifies with a mixed ethnicity, reflecting a rich tapestry of cultural influences. 


In conclusion, Daniel Ezra’s journey from Birmingham to Hollywood is a testament to his passion for acting. With a promising career ahead, Ezra continues to captivate audiences and inspire aspiring actors globally.

Quick Daniel Ezra Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
Full NameDaniel Ezra
Date Of BirthApril 4, 1993
Daniel Ezra Age30 years old
Nick NameDanny
Family NameEzra
Birth PlaceBirmingham, England
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Famous AsJames Spencer
Zodiac SignAries
AwardsUnder Research
Highest QualificationUnder Review
High SchoolWill Update
CollegeNot Available
UniversityUnder Research
Social Profiles
WikipediaClick Here
IMDBClick Here
YoutubeClick Here
InstagramClick Here

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FAQs About Daniel Ezra

Who is Daniel Ezra?

Daniel Ezra is a British actor known for his versatile performances, born on April 4, 1993, in Birmingham, England.

How tall is Daniel Ezra?

Daniel Ezra stands at a height of 5’8″ (1.74 m).

How old is Daniel Ezra?

As of the latest available information, Daniel Ezra is 30 years old, born on April 4, 1993.

Where is Daniel Ezra from?

Daniel Ezra hails from Birmingham, England.

Who is Daniel Ezra dating?

As of 2024, Daniel Ezra is romantically involved with Greta Onieogou.

Who are Daniel Ezra’s parents?

Specific details about Daniel Ezra’s parents remain undisclosed.

What nationality is Daniel Ezra?

Daniel Ezra is British.

How much is Daniel Ezra worth?

Daniel Ezra’s estimated net worth is $7 million.

How much does Daniel Ezra weigh?

Daniel Ezra’s weight is approximately 78 kg (171 lbs).

What does Daniel Ezra’s tattoo say?

Details about any tattoos on Daniel Ezra and their specific meanings are not publicly known.