Elle McBroom Age, Net Worth, Parents, Wiki, Full Biography 2024

Elle McBroom Age, Net Worth, Parents, Wiki, Full Biography 2024

Elle McBroom is a young social media star known for her appearances on her parents’ popular YouTube channel, “The ACE Family.” She’s practically grown up in the spotlight, stealing hearts with her cute personality since infancy.

Elle McBroom’s Parents

They run the popular YouTube channel “The ACE Family” which features their family life.

Elle Lively McBroom Parents: Austin McBroom and Catherine Reiz
Elle Lively McBroom Parents: Austin McBroom and Catherine Reiz

Elle McBroom’s Siblings

As of March 2024, Elle McBroom has two younger siblings:

  • Sister: Alaïa McBroom (born July 20, 2020)
  • Brother: Atlas McBroom (born June 20, 2022)
FatherAustin McBroom
MotherCatherine Reiz
SisterAlaïa McBroom (born July 20, 2020)
BrotherAtlas McBroom (born June 20, 2022)

Elle Lively McBroom: A Star From the Start

Elle McBroom, though young, has already captured the hearts of millions through her appearances on her parents’ popular YouTube channel, “The ACE Family.” But her story goes beyond viral videos and challenges. Here’s a glimpse into Elle McBroom’s early life:

Born into the Spotlight

  • Elle McBroom entered the world on May 28, 2016, already a part of “The ACE Family.” Her parents, Austin McBroom, a former NCAA basketball player, and Catherine Paiz, a fitness model, had already established their YouTube channel, documenting their lives and relationships.
  • Elle’s arrival was met with excitement by their fanbase, and she was practically born into the spotlight.
Elle McBroom Baby
Elle McBroom Baby

Growing Up on YouTube

  • “The ACE Family” content features pranks, challenges, and glimpses into their family life. Elle has been a part of these videos since she was a baby, stealing the show with her cute personality and infectious smile.
  • Viewers have grown alongside Elle, witnessing her first steps, birthday celebrations, and milestones. This has fostered a special connection between Elle and the channel’s audience.

Social Media Star in the Making

  • Elle might be young, but she already has a social media presence. Her parents manage an Instagram account for her, boasting over 4 million followers.
  • While Elle likely doesn’t manage the account herself, it showcases glimpses into her life and fashion sense, further solidifying her place as a social media star in the making.

A Life Filled with Love and Family

  • Despite the online fame, Elle’s life revolves around family. Videos depict a loving household, with Elle’s parents showering her with affection.
  • In 2020, Elle welcomed her baby sister, Alaïa, and in June 2022, a baby brother, Atlas. These new additions have undoubtedly shaped Elle’s world, fostering a sense of siblinghood and family bonds.
  • Elle McBroom’s story is one of growing up in the digital age, surrounded by love and family. Her journey on “The ACE Family” has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, making her a star from the start.

Elle McBroom Height and Weight

Elle McBroom’s height is 3 feet 1 inch (0.94 meters), and she weighs 19 kilograms (42 pounds).

Height in Inches37 inches
Height in Feet3 feet 1 inch
Height in Meters0.94 m
Height in Centimeters94 cm
Weight in Kg19 kg
Weight in Pounds42 lbs
Elle Lively McBroom Height and Weight
Elle Lively McBroom Height and Weight

Elle McBroom Measurements

As for her measurements (breast-waist-hips), that information is currently under research.

Hair and Eyes Color

Elle’s hair color is dark brown, and her eyes are also dark brown.

Elle Shoe Size

Elle wears a shoe size of 8 in the US. 

Shoe Size8 US
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
MeasurementWill Update

Elle Lively McBroom Career

Elle McBroom, due to her young age (as of March 2024), wouldn’t necessarily have a traditional career in the sense of a job with a set role and responsibilities. However, considering her presence on her parents’ YouTube channel, “The ACE Family,” we can discuss her path as a child star/influencer.

Early Start

Being born into a popular YouTube family automatically put Elle in the spotlight. Her appearances on the channel since infancy have contributed to her gaining recognition and a fanbase.

Content Creation

While she wouldn’t be creating the content herself, Elle participates in family videos and has likely influenced the channel’s direction to some extent. Her presence is a major draw for viewers.

Social Media Following

Though her parents manage it, Elle’s Instagram account with millions of followers positions her as a potential influencer in the making.

Future Potential 

As Elle grows older, she might choose to have a more active role in creating content or leverage her social media presence for future endeavors. It’s too early to say definitively, but her early exposure to the digital world has opened doors for various possibilities.

It’s important to remember that Elle is a child, and her future career path should prioritize her well-being and interests.

Elle McBroom Boyfriend

Elle McBroom is very young (as of March 2024). Given her age, it wouldn’t be appropriate to talk about boyfriends in a traditional sense. She’s likely focused on enjoying her childhood and spending time with her family.

Personal Life
Marital StatusUnmarried
Husband / SpouseJust a kid

Elle McBroom Net Worth

As of 2024, Elle McBroom’s net worth stands at $1 million USD, derived exclusively from the YouTube channel, The ACE Family.

The ACE Family Net Worth

Some sources estimate the combined net worth of Elle’s parents and “The ACE Family” to be around $4 million.

Net Worth$1 Million 
The ACE Family Net Worth$4 million

Elle McBroom Age

Elle McBroom was born on May 28, 2016 (birthday source). Based on her birthday, she will be turning 8 years old in 2024. As her birthday falls between April 20 and May 21, her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Elle McBroom Ethnicity

Elle McBroom’s ethnicity is a mix of backgrounds. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Father’s Side: Austin McBroom’s ethnicity isn’t publicly available information.
  • Mother’s Side: Catherine Paiz, Elle’s mother, is Panamanian.

Therefore, Elle inherits a mixed ethnicity that likely includes Panamanian and potentially other ethnicities from her father’s side.


Elle McBroom, born into YouTube fame in 2016, has charmed viewers with her childhood antics on “The ACE Family” channel. This social media star in the making enjoys family life with her siblings and has a bright future ahead, whatever path she chooses.

Quick Elle Lively McBroom Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
Full NameElle Lively McBroom
Date Of BirthMay 28, 2016
Age8 years (2024)
Birth PlaceWoodland Hills, California
Current ResidenceCalifornia
Nick NameElle
Family NameMcBroom
Famous AsYoutube and Instagram star
Zodiac SignGemini
AwardsUnder Research
Highest QualificationElementary School
High SchoolNot Relevant
CollegeNot Started
Social Profiles

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FAQs About Elle Lively McBroom

Who is Elle McBroom?

Elle McBroom is the daughter of YouTubers Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz, known for their family channel “The ACE Family.” She’s a child star who has grown up in the spotlight.

How old is Elle McBroom?

Elle McBroom was born on May 28, 2016 (as of March 24, 2024), making her currently 7 years old.

When was Elle McBroom born?

May 28, 2016.

Where does Elle McBroom live?

Specific information about Elle’s residence isn’t publicly available for privacy reasons.

How tall is Elle McBroom?

Elle Lively McBroom stands at a height of 3 feet 1 inch (0.94 meters) and weighs 19 kilograms (42 pounds).

How much is Elle McBroom’s net worth?

As of 2024, Elle Lively McBroom’s net worth is reported to be $1 million USD. Her family’s net worth estimates are around $4 million (source: net worth estimations can be unreliable).

What ethnicity is Elle McBroom?

Elle’s ethnicity is a mix. Her mother is Panamanian, and her father’s ethnicity isn’t publicly known.

Who are Elle McBroom’s parents and siblings?

  • Parents: Austin McBroom (father) and Catherine Paiz (mother), YouTubers behind “The ACE Family.”
  • Siblings: Alaïa McBroom (sister, born July 2020) and Atlas McBroom (brother, born June 2022).