Jared Keeso Height, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Full Biography 

Jared Keeso Height, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Full Biography 

Jared Keeso is a versatile Canadian actor and accomplished writer, born on July 1, 1984, in Listowel, Canada. Rising to prominence in the entertainment industry, Keeso has made a significant mark through his roles on both the big and small screens. He made his film debut in “Eve’s Christmas” (2004) and gained widespread recognition for his part in “I Love You, Beth Cooper.”

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Jared Keeso Family

Father: Richard Keeso

Richard Keeso, Jared’s father, is a figure less known to the public eye, as he tends to keep a low profile. 

Mother: Anne Keeso

Anne Keeso, Jared’s mother, is another pivotal figure in his life. 

Jared Keeso Parents and Wife


Jared Keeso has a brother named Alan Keeso and a sister named Abigail Keeso.

FatherRichard Keeso
MotherAnne Keeso
BrotherAlan Keeso
SisterAbigail Keeso

Jared Keeso’s Early Life

  • Birth and Roots in Listowel

Jared Keeso was born on July 1, 1984, in the small town of Listowel, Canada, setting the stage for his early life journey.

  • Small-Town Charm and Community Bonds

Growing up in Listowel, Jared experienced the simplicity and warmth of small-town living, with close community bonds shaping his early years.

  • Family Values and Upbringing

His family, including parents Richard and Anne Keeso, played a crucial role in instilling values and a strong work ethic during his formative years.

  • Early Education and Community Influence

Though specifics about his early education are not extensively documented, the influence of Listowel’s community spirit likely played a role in shaping his character.

  • Seeds of Creativity and Ambition

The small-town setting planted the seeds of creativity and ambition, setting Jared on a path that would eventually lead him to the dazzling lights of Hollywood.

  • Transition to Hollywood

The journey from Listowel to Hollywood marks a significant transition, showcasing resilience, determination, and a passion for the entertainment industry.

  • Small-Town Roots in a Fast-Paced World

Listowel’s influence, despite the fast-paced world of showbiz, contributed to Jared’s authentic and down-to-earth persona.

  • Impact of Early Life on Career Trajectory

The values and experiences of his early life have been a source of strength, influencing the trajectory of Jared’s career and contributing to his unique charm.

  • Conclusion

Jared Keeso’s early life narrative is a testament to the impact of small-town beginnings on a journey that would eventually lead him to become a celebrated actor and writer in the entertainment industry.

Jared Keeso Height

Standing at 5 feet 9 inches or 1.77 meters, Jared’s height places him in a versatile range for roles that demand both presence and agility.

Jared Keeso Height in Feet5 feet 9 inches 
Jared Keeso Height in Cm177 cm
Jared Keeso Height in Meters1.77 m
Jared Keeso Height and Weight

Jared Keeso Weight

Weighing in at 73 kg or 160 lbs, Jared maintains a healthy weight that complements his slim body type, contributing to his overall fitness.

Jared Keeso Weight in Kg73 kg  
Jared Keeso Weight in Pounds160 lbs

Jared Keeso Measurements

Jared’s body measurements, including chest, waist and hips, are reported as 40-15-32 inches. These proportions showcase a balanced physique, adding to his on-screen appeal.

Body Measurements40-15-32 Inches

Hair and Eye Color

Jared’s distinctive features include brown hair and brown eyes, enhancing his on-screen charisma and adding to the visual allure that captivates audiences.

Shoes Size

Jared Keeso wears a size 15.5 (US) shoe.

Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe size15.5 (US)

Jared Keeso’s Career

Jared Keeso’s foray into the entertainment industry commenced with his introduction to the spotlight, setting the stage for a remarkable career.

  • Debut on the Big Screen: “Eve’s Christmas” (2004)

The silver screen welcomed Jared with his debut in the film “Eve’s Christmas” in 2004, marking the beginning of a promising career.

  • Television Breakthrough

Television became a significant platform for Jared with his breakthrough role in the TV show “Life As We Know It” in 2004, showcasing his versatility.

  • Famous for “I Love You, Beth Cooper”

Jared Keeso gained widespread recognition for his role in the movie “I Love You, Beth Cooper,” solidifying his status as a notable figure in the industry.

  • The Rise to Prominence: Notable Works

Explore the trajectory of Jared’s rise to prominence through an examination of his notable works, spanning both television and film.

  • Venturing into Writing: A Multifaceted Talent

Beyond acting, Jared Keeso ventured into writing, showcasing his multifaceted talent and making a mark in the literary world.

  • Awards and Recognitions

Acknowledge the accolades garnered by Jared Keeso, recognizing his contributions to the entertainment industry through awards and recognitions.

  • Impact on the Entertainment Industry

Analyze Jared Keeso’s impact on the entertainment industry, considering his influence on aspiring talents and the broader cultural landscape.

  • Conclusion

Jared Keeso’s career is a tapestry woven with diverse roles, accolades, and creative pursuits. This journey through stage and screen reflects the evolution of a talent that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Jared Keeso Wife

Jared Keeso and Magali Brunelle embarked on their marital journey on July 4, 2018. Residing together in the serene backwoods of Quebec, the couple has crafted a deeply fulfilling life. Their union stands as a testament to love, shared experiences, and the joy found in the simple and meaningful moments of life.

Jared Keeso Wife: Magali Brunelle
Personal Life
Marital StatusMarried
GirlfriendMagali Brunelle
Wife / SpouseMagali Brunelle
SonWill Updated
DaughterWill Updated

Jared Keeso Net Worth

As of 2023, Jared Keeso boasts an impressive net worth of approximately USD $5 million. This financial success is a testament to Jared’s multifaceted career, spanning both television and film, and further solidifies his status as a prominent figure in the entertainment world.

Jared Keeso Net Worth$5 million

Jared Keeso Age

As of the year 2023, Jared Keeso, the acclaimed Canadian actor and writer, stands at 39 years old. Born on July 1, 1984, Keeso has gracefully navigated the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry for nearly four decades.

Jared Keeso Ethnicity

Jared Keeso’s rich ethnic heritage is a mosaic woven with threads from various cultural backgrounds. With English, Scottish and German roots, Keeso’s ancestry reflects a diverse and fascinating blend.


In Conclusion, Jared Keeso’s journey, marked by small-town roots and Hollywood glitz, showcases resilience and authenticity. Beyond the roles he plays, his personal life reflects love, family, and a fulfilling union with Magali. As we applaud his versatile career, it’s clear that Jared Keeso’s impact transcends screens, leaving an enduring legacy in the hearts of audiences.

Quick Jared Keeso Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
Full NameJared Keeso
Jared Keeso Age39 years old (in 2023)
Date of BirthJuly 1, 1984
ProfessionActor, Writer
BirthplaceListowel, Canada
Zodiac SignCancer
SchoolHigh school
Collegecollege scholarship
Social Profiles
WikipediaClick Here
IMDBClick Here
YouTube Unavailable
X (Twitter)Unavailable

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FAQs About Jared Keeso

Who is Jared Keeso?

Jared Keeso is a versatile Canadian actor and writer born on July 1, 1984. He gained recognition for his roles in films like “I Love You, Beth Cooper” and has ventured into writing, showcasing his multifaceted talents.

How tall is Jared Keeso?

Jared Keeso stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.77 meters), adding to his on-screen presence and versatility as an actor.

How old is Jared Keeso?

As of 2023, Jared Keeso is 39 years old, born on July 1, 1984.

Who is Jared Keeso’s girlfriend?

As of the latest information, Jared Keeso is happily married to Magali Brunelle since July 4, 2018.

Who is Jared Keeso wife?

Jared Keeso’s wife is Magali Brunelle. The couple has been married since July 4, 2018, and shares a fulfilling life together.

How much is Jared Keeso worth?

Jared Keeso’s estimated net worth is approximately USD $5 million, reflecting his successful career in both acting and writing.