Jason Derulo Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wife, Height, Wiki, Full Biography 2023

Jason Derulo Net Worth

Jason Derulo is a powerhouse in the American music scene. This multi-talented artist has etched his name in the industry as a singer and songwriter, captivating audiences worldwide with his infectious tunes and charismatic stage presence.

In this article, we will explore some facts about Jason Derulo net worth, including her hair color, eye color, measurement, kids, monthly salary, wife, weight, family, ethnicity, nationality, education, career, relationships, marriage and more.

Jason Derulo Family

Jason Derulo Father

Jason’s father, Joel Desrouleaux, has been a pillar of support throughout his musical journey. 

Jason Derulo Mother

Equally important in Jason’s life is his mother, Jocelyn Desrouleaux. The nurturing environment she provided at home likely contributed to Jason’s early affinity for music. Jocelyn’s role in shaping the artist’s character cannot be overstated.

Jason Derulo Mother Jocelyn Desrouleaux
Jason Derulo Mother Jocelyn Desrouleaux

Jason Derulo Siblings

Details about Jason Derulo’s siblings are not widely known, keeping his family life relatively private.

FatherJoel Desrouleaux
MotherJocelyn Desrouleaux
Sister(s)Not Known

Jason Derulo Early Life

In the lively city of Miramar, Florida, on September 21, 1989, the story of a musical virtuoso named Jason Joel Desrouleaux, later known as Jason Derulo, began to unfold. His journey commenced in an environment that not only cultivated his love for music but also laid the foundation for an extraordinary career.

  • Birth and Family Background

Born to parents Joel Desrouleaux and Jocelyn Desrouleaux, Jason’s early life was immersed in the love of a family that fostered creativity and self-expression. The Desrouleaux home became the nurturing ground for the budding artist’s talents.

  • Childhood Musings

From a tender age, Jason exhibited a natural affinity for music. Whether humming tunes in the family living room or singing along to the radio, his family recognized the spark of something exceptional. This early exposure to music became the cornerstone of his future career.

  • Introduction to the Arts

As a child, Jason Derulo not only showcased a passion for music but also embraced the broader spectrum of the arts. His formative years at Dillard High School provided a platform to explore and cultivate his creative talents, setting the stage for a career with multiple dimensions.

  • Influences and Inspirations

Miramar’s diverse cultural influences played a significant role in shaping Jason’s musical palette. From the rhythmic beats of Caribbean music to the soulful melodies of R&B, the cultural richness of his surroundings contributed to the formation of his unique musical identity.

Jason Derulo
  • Family Support

The Desrouleaux family, particularly his parents, played a pivotal role in nurturing Jason’s early aspirations. Their unwavering support and encouragement propelled him forward, instilling the confidence to pursue a career in the competitive world of the music industry.

  • Educational Sojourn

Jason Derulo’s educational journey unfolded at Dillard High School, where he not only refined his academic skills but also immersed himself in the world of performing arts. His high school years became a melting pot of creativity, laying the foundation for the future chart-topping artist.

  • Rise to Local Acclaim

Even inside the nascent ranges of his career, Jason Derulo’s skills did not go disregarded. Local acclaim and accolades commenced pouring in, marking the graduation of an adventure that would ultimately propel him to worldwide stardom.

  • Conclusion

Jason Derulo’s early years stand as a testament to the profound impact of a supportive family and a community rich in cultural diversity. From the living rooms of Miramar to the international stage, his journey reflects the harmonious blend of innate talent, family encouragement, and an enduring love for music.

Jason Derulo Height

Jason Derulo stands at an impressive 6 feet tall.

Jason Derulo Height in Feet6 feet
Jason Derulo Height in Cm182 cm
Jason Derulo Height in Meter1.82 m
Jason Derulo Height

Jason Derulo Weight

Jason Derulo weighs in at 81 kg (179 lbs).

Jason Derulo Weight in Kg81 kg
Jason Derulo Weight in Lbs179 lbs

Jason Derulo Measurements

While specific measurements are not readily available, Derulo’s physique suggests a dedication to fitness and a commitment to maintaining a sculpted and toned appearance.

Jason Derulo Hair and Eyes

Derulo’s striking black hair and dark brown eyes contribute to his enigmatic and captivating stage presence. 

Jason Derulo Tattoos 

Jason Derulo is not only an artist in the realm of music but also a canvas for artistic expression. With more than 16 tattoos adorning his body, each piece tells a unique story, offering fans a glimpse into the singer’s personal journey and experiences.

MeasurementNot Found
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Shoe Size (US)10
TattooMore than 16

Jason Derulo’s Soaring Career 

  • A Musical Odyssey

Jason Derulo, the maestro of modern pop and R&B, has carved an illustrious career that transcends the boundaries of musical genres. From humble beginnings to international stardom, let’s journey through the key milestones of Jason Derulo’s musical odyssey.

  • Early Beginnings

Born on September 21, 1989, in Miramar, Florida, Jason Joel Desrouleaux, known professionally as Jason Derulo, showed an early affinity for music. His childhood experiences, shaped by a supportive family, laid the foundation for a career that would soon capture the hearts of millions.

  • Rise to Fame

Jason Derulo’s breakthrough came with his debut single “Whatcha Say” in 2009, an instant chart-topper that signaled the arrival of a new musical force. The following years saw a string of hits, including “In My Head” and “Ridin’ Solo,” establishing Derulo as a prominent figure in the pop music landscape.

  • Musical Versatility

Derulo’s musical prowess extends beyond the confines of a single genre. With a seamless blend of pop, R&B and dancehall influences, he has consistently delivered chart-topping albums such as “Jason Derulo” and “Future History,” showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Jason Derulo's musical prowess
Jason Derulo’s Musical Prowess
  • Chart-Topping Singles

From “Talk Dirty” featuring 2 Chainz to “Want to Want Me” and “Swalla,” Jason Derulo’s discography is a testament to his ability to create infectious and memorable hits. His distinctive voice, coupled with innovative production, has propelled these singles to the top of international charts.

  • Collaborations and Influence

In addition to solo fulfillment, Derulo’s collaborations with artists like Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, and Jennifer Lopez have similarly solidified his influence in the track industry. His capability to seamlessly collaborate throughout genres has contributed to the sizable enchantment of his tune.

  • Impact on the Industry

Jason Derulo’s impact on the music industry goes beyond chart positions. His dance-worthy tunes, energetic performances, and catchy lyrics have left an indelible mark on contemporary pop and R&B. Derulo’s influence is evident in the work of emerging artists who draw inspiration from his dynamic style.

  • Business Ventures

Beyond the studio and stage, Derulo has explored entrepreneurial pursuits. While specific details may vary, his ventures beyond music showcase a multifaceted talent with a keen eye for business.

  • Philanthropy

Derulo is not only a musical sensation but also a philanthropist. His involvement in charitable causes reflects a commitment to making a positive impact beyond the realm of entertainment.

  • Future Endeavors

As fans eagerly await Derulo’s next musical ventures, the artist continues to evolve and surprise. His ability to stay ahead of musical trends ensures that each new release is met with anticipation, keeping his audience engaged and excited.

  • Conclusion

Jason Derulo’s career is a testament to his enduring passion for music, adaptability, and genuine love for artistic expression. From a young dreamer to a global icon, Derulo’s journey stands as a beacon of inspiration in the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

Jason Derulo Girlfriend

In the realm of romance, Jason is currently in a relationship with Jena Frumes. The couple’s social media presence offers glimpses into their dynamic and affectionate connection, providing fans with a personal side of the global music sensation.

Jason Derulo Girlfriend Jena Frumes
Jason Derulo Girlfriend Jena Frumes

Jason Derulo Wife?

As of 2023, Jason Derulo is unmarried and does not have any children. 

Personal Life
Marital StatusUnmarried
Jason Derulo GirlfriendJena Frumes
Jason Derulo WifeWill Updated
Son(s)Will Updated
Daughter(s)Will Updated

Jason Derulo Net Worth

Jason Derulo is believed to have a net worth of around $16 million. Derulo earns from music sales, streaming revenue, and live performances, including concerts and tours.

Jason Derulo Net Worth$16 million
Annual IncomeWill Updated

Jason Derulo Age

Jason Derulo was Born on September 21, 1989 in the vibrant city of Miramar, Florida. Jason Derulo is currently 34 years old.

Jason Derulo’s Ethnicity

Jason Derulo’s ethnicity is rooted in his Haitian heritage.

Quick Jason Derulo Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
Full Real NameJason Joel Desrouleaux
Date of BirthSeptember 21, 1989
Age34 years old
BirthdaySeptember 21
Nick NameJason
Family NameDesrouleaux
Birth PlaceMiramar, Florida
Current ResidenceTarzana, CA
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter
Fluently SpeaksEnglish
Sun SignVirgo
AwardsUnder Review
Highest QualificationHigh School
CollegeNot Known
High SchoolDillard High School
ProfilesFacebook, Instagram, Twitter

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FAQs About Jason Derulo

Who is Jason Derulo?

Jason Derulo is a renowned American singer and songwriter, born on September 21, 1989, in Miramar, Florida. He has achieved international acclaim for his chart-topping hits and versatile musical style that blends pop, R&B and dancehall influences.

Who is Jason Derulo dating?

As of 2023, Jason Derulo is in a relationship with Jena Frumes, showcasing their connection through social media.

How old is Jason Derulo?

Born on September 21, 1989, Jason Derulo is currently 34 years old.

Where is Jason Derulo from?

Jason Derulo hails from Miramar, Florida, USA, where he was born and spent his early years.

“What Cha Say” Jason Derulo lyrics?

“What Cha Say” is one of Jason Derulo’s hit singles, featuring Jordin Sparks. The song was released in 2009 and became an instant success, reaching the top of the charts.

How tall is Jason Derulo?

Jason Derulo stands at a height of 6 feet (1.82 meters).

Who is Jason Derulo married to?

As of the latest available information, Jason Derulo is not married.

Where does Jason Derulo live?

The specific details about Jason Derulo’s current residence may vary, as celebrities often maintain a level of privacy regarding their living arrangements.

How much is Jason Derulo worth?

Jason Derulo’s net worth is estimated to be $16 million, derived from his successful music career, concerts, endorsements and business ventures.

Where was Jason Derulo born?

Jason Derulo was Born on September 21, 1989 in the vibrant city of Miramar, Florida.

How old is Jason Derulo’s wife?

As of 2023, Jason Derulo is not married, his girlfriend Jena Frumes celebrates her birthday on September 21, she was born in 1993.

How old is Jason Derulo’s son?

As of 2023, Jason Derulo does not have any children, so there is no information about the age of a son.

What is Jason Derulo’s ethnicity?

Jason Derulo’s ethnicity is Haitian, reflecting his cultural heritage.