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BrookeAB, the renowned Twitch game streamer, has a captivating journey that began in her early years. Exploring the roots of her life provides a deeper understanding of the woman behind the screen.

In this article, we will explore some facts about BrookeAB’s Height, including her hair color, eye color, measurement, kids, monthly salary, weight, family, ethnicity, nationality, education, career, relationships, marriage and more.


While specific details about BrookeAB’s parents remain private, their influence and support in her gaming journey are evident.

BrookeAB Sibling

 The specific number of BrookeAB’s siblings remains private, respecting their family’s desire for privacy.

 BrookeAB’s Early Life

  • The Roots of a Twitch Sensation

BrookeAB, the renowned Twitch game streamer, has a captivating journey that began in her early years. Exploring the roots of her life provides a deeper understanding of the woman behind the screen.

  • Birth and Childhood
  • March 15, 1998

Born on March 15, 1998, BrookeAB entered the world, bringing with her the seeds of a future internet sensation.

  • United States Upbringing

Raised in the United States, BrookeAB’s early life was shaped by the cultural and societal influences of her surroundings.

  • Dynamics
  • Close-Knit Family

BrookeAB grew up in a close-knit family, surrounded by the love and support of her parents and siblings. The family dynamic laid the foundation for her journey into the gaming world.

  • Sibling Bonds

Early gaming experiences with siblings likely played a role in sparking BrookeAB’s passion for the virtual realm.

  • BrookeAB educational Beginnings
  •  BrookeAB Local High School

Completing her education at a local high school, BrookeAB’s early academic years were a stepping stone to her future endeavors.

  • BrookeAB College Pursuits

The decision to pursue higher education at Western Oregon University marked a significant chapter in BrookeAB’s early life.

  •  BrookeAB Passion for Gaming Ignited
  • BrookeAB Early Gaming Experiences

The flame of BrookeAB’s passion for gaming was likely ignited during her formative years, as she engaged in gaming adventures with family and friends.

  • BrookeAB Introduction to Streaming

The transition from gaming enthusiast to Twitch streamer began to take shape, laying the groundwork for her future as an internet sensation.

  •  BrookeAB Shaping Ambitions
  • BrookeAB Influences and Inspirations

BrookeAB’s early life was undoubtedly influenced by various factors, shaping her ambitions and moulding her into the dynamic personality known today.

  • BrookeAB Balancing Dreams and Realities

Navigating the intersection of dreams and practicalities, BrookeAB’s early life experiences contributed to her resilience and determination.

In conclusion, BrookeAB’s early life laid the groundwork for the remarkable journey that followed. The influences of family, education, and early gaming experiences shaped the woman who would later become a prominent figure in the gaming and streaming community.

BrookeAB Height in Centimeters

BrookeAB stands at a height of 160 cm, adding a dynamic presence to her gaming streams.

BrookeAB Height in Meters

Converting to meters, BrookeAB’s height is 1.60 m, emphasizing her compact yet impactful stature.

 BrookeAB Height in Inches

In the imperial system, BrookeAB measures 5 feet 3 inches, a dimension that contributes to her on-screen charisma.

BrookeAB Weight in Kilograms

BrookeAB maintains a weight of 53 kg, showcasing a balance of fitness and vitality.

BrookeAB Weight in Pounds

In pounds, BrookeAB weighs 116 lbs, highlighting her slender yet healthy physique.

BrookeAB Body Measurements

  • Body Stats

BrookeAB’s body measurements are recorded at 33-25-34, underlining her curvy and well-proportioned physique.

  • Bra Size

With a bra size of 33C, BrookeAB’s physical attributes add to her overall allure.

  •  Waist and Hip Size

Her waist measures 25 inches, and her hips are recorded at 34 inches, contributing to her distinct hourglass figure.

  • Eye and Hair Color

Eye Color

BrookeAB’s captivating brown eyes are a defining feature that enhances her on-screen presence.

  • Hair Color

With blonde hair, BrookeAB’s hair colour adds vibrancy to her overall appearance, making her a recognizable figure in the gaming community.

  • Body Type
  • Curvy Silhouette

BrookeAB is celebrated for her curvy body type, breaking stereotypes and showcasing diversity in the gaming world.

Height, Weight & Body Measurements
Height in Centimeters160 cm
Height in meters1.60 m
Height in Inches5 feet 3 inch
Weight in Kilograms53 kg
Weight in Pounds116 lbs
Body Measurements33-25-34
Bra Size33C
Waist Size25
Hip Size34
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde

 BrookeAB’s Thriving Career

  • From Twitch to Stardom

BrookeAB’s career is a remarkable journey that has seen her rise to prominence in the gaming and streaming community. Let’s explore the key milestones and facets of her thriving career.

  • Introduction to Gaming
  • Early Passion

BrookeAB’s journey began with a deep-seated passion for gaming. From her early years, she immersed herself in the world of video games, laying the foundation for what would become a stellar career.

  • Gaming Style

Her unique gaming style, characterised by skillful play and engaging commentary, set her apart even in the saturated world of online gaming.

  • Twitch: The Launchpad to Fame
  • Entrance into Streaming

BrookeAB’s foray into Twitch marked a turning point in her career. The platform provided her with the space to showcase her gaming talents and connect with a growing audience.

Connecting with Viewers

Her ability to connect with viewers on a personal level, creating a sense of community, contributed significantly to her rapid rise in popularity.

  •  Innovative Content

BrookeAB’s streams are not just about gaming; they are a showcase of her creativity. From unique challenges to collaborative efforts, her content is a testament to her innovative approach.

  • internet Sensation Status
  • social Media Presence

Beyond Twitch, BrookeAB has cultivated a robust presence on various social media platforms, further expanding her reach and influence.

  • Collaborations and Partnerships

Her status as an internet sensation has led to collaborations with fellow gamers, influencers, and brands, solidifying her position in the digital landscape.

  • Recognition and Awards
  •  Community Awards

BrookeAB’s impact on the gaming community has not gone unnoticed. She has received recognition and awards for her contributions to the gaming world.

  •  Viewer Engagement

The support and engagement from her viewers have been instrumental in fueling her success, creating a symbiotic relationship that has propelled her career forward.

  •  Navigating Challenges
  • Overcoming Stereotypes

In a predominantly male-dominated industry, BrookeAB has navigated and overcome stereotypes, becoming a trailblazer for female gamers.

  • Adaptability

The ability to adapt to the evolving landscape of online gaming has been a hallmark of BrookeAB’s career. She stays at the forefront of trends, keeping her content fresh and relevant.

  • Future Ventures and Legacy

Expanding Horizons

As her career continues to flourish, BrookeAB is exploring new ventures within and beyond the gaming sphere, keeping her audience intrigued about what the future holds.

  •  Legacy Building

BrookeAB’s legacy extends beyond her individual achievements. She is contributing to reshaping perceptions about women in gaming and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

In summary, BrookeAB’s career is a testament to her passion, innovation, and resilience. From a passionate gamer to a Twitch sensation and beyond, her journey continues to captivate audiences, making her a key figure in the ever-expanding world of online gaming.


 As of   2023, BrookeAB, the Twitch game streamer, is unmarried.

BrookeAB Boyfriend

 As of 2023, BrookeAB’s boyfriend is Mason Lanier. 

Affairs, Boyfriends, and Marital Status
Marital StatusUnmarried
BoyfriendMason Lanier
BrookeAB  Boyfriend
BrookeAB Boyfriend

BrookeAB Net Worth

 As of  2023, BrookeAB’s net worth is reported to be around $250,000

BrookeAB Age

As of 2023, BrookeAB is 25 years old. She was born on March 15, 1998. BrookeAB’s birthplace is in the United States.

BrookeAB Ethnicity

BrookeAB’s ethnicity is White

Wiki / Bio
Real NameBrooke
ProfessionTwitch Game Streamer and Internet Sensation
Known AsBrookeAB
Age25 years (2023)
Date of BirthMarch 15, 1998
BirthplaceUnited States
Education and School, College
Educational QualificationGraduate
SchoolLocal High School
College/ UniversityWestern Oregon University
Favorite Things and Like & Dislike
Favorite ActorJim Carrey
Favorite ActressCameron Diaz
Favorite ColorPink
Favorite FoodMexican Food
Favorite MovieThe Mask
Money Factor
Net Worth$ 250,000
Social Media

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FAQs About BrookeAB

Is BrookeAB active on social media?

Yes, BrookeAB is active on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch.

How did BrookeAB become famous on Twitch?

BrookeAB gained fame on Twitch through her engaging gaming content, unique style, and her ability to connect with viewers on a personal level.

Does BrookeAB collaborate with other streamers?

Yes, BrookeAB has engaged in collaborations with fellow gamers and influencers, expanding her reach and contributing to her success.

What games does BrookeAB typically play on Twitch?

BrookeAB plays a variety of games on Twitch, ranging from popular titles to niche genres, catering to the diverse interests of her audience.

Is BrookeAB involved in any philanthropic activities?

Is BrookeAB involved in any philanthropic activities?