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Kaylee Bryant Height

Kaylee Bryant is an accomplished American actress and model, born on November 1, 1997, in Malibu, California, United States. With notable contributions to the entertainment industry, she has gained recognition for her roles in various films and television projects. Kaylee’s talent, coupled with her engaging performances, has positioned her as a rising star in the dynamic world of Hollywood.

In this article, we will explore some facts about Kaylee Bryant Height, including her hair color, eye color, measurement, weight, kids, monthly salary, net worth, family, dad, mom, ethnicity, nationality, education, career, relationships, marriage and more.

Kaylee Bryant Family

Father: Garrett Kaneshiro

At the helm of the Kaneshiro-Bryant family stands Garrett Kaneshiro, Kaylee’s father. 

Mother: Kristina Kaneshiro

Kristina Kaneshiro, Kaylee’s mother, is the nurturing force that complements Garrett’s presence.

Siblings: Kane Kaneshiro

In the shadows of Kaylee’s stardom stands her brother, Kane Kaneshiro. 

FatherGarrett Kaneshiro
MotherKristina Kaneshiro
BrotherKane Kaneshiro
SisterWill Updated

Kaylee Bryant’s Early Life 

  • The Genesis of a California Dreamer

Every shining star in Hollywood has a humble beginning, and for Kaylee Bryant, the journey from a California dreamer to a celebrated actress and model is a testament to her early life experiences.

  • Birth and Roots

On the 1st of November in 1997, Kaylee Marie Kaneshiro Bryant entered the world in the picturesque city of Malibu, California. This coastal haven, known for its scenic beauty, laid the foundation for the early chapters of Kaylee’s life.

  • Family Dynamics: The Kaneshiro-Bryant Household

Born to Garrett Kaneshiro and Kristina Kaneshiro, Kaylee grew up in a family that provided not just love and care but also the essential support for her burgeoning talents. With a brother, Kane Kaneshiro, Kaylee experienced the camaraderie and bonds of a tight-knit family.

  • Educational Pursuits: A Balance of Books and Aspirations

As Kaylee navigated through her formative years, the details of her educational journey became an integral part of her narrative. While specific information about her schooling and college experiences remains undisclosed, her status as a graduate suggests a commitment to both academics and her artistic pursuits.

  • Early Indicators of Talent

The seeds of Kaylee’s natural flair for performance were sown in her early years. Whether through impromptu family plays or participation in school dramas, her formative period hinted at the star qualities that would define her later.


  • The Influence of Malibu: Shaping Dreams by the Coastline

Growing up in Malibu, surrounded by the allure of the entertainment industry, undoubtedly played a role in shaping Kaylee’s aspirations. The proximity to the glamor of Hollywood became a driving force, igniting the spark of ambition within her.

  • Conclusion: Seeds of Stardom Planted in Malibu

In conclusion, Kaylee Bryant’s early life serves as the canvas upon which her story unfolds. From the sun-kissed beaches of Malibu to the supportive embrace of her family, every chapter in her early years laid the foundation for the remarkable journey that awaited her in the world of entertainment.

Kaylee Bryant Height

Kaylee Bryant stands tall at 173 centimeters or 5 feet 8 inches.

Kaylee Bryant Height in Inches5 feet 8 inches
Kaylee Bryant Height in Centimeters173 cm
Kaylee Bryant Height in meters1.73 m
Kaylee Bryant Height and Weight

Kaylee Bryant Weight

Kaylee weighs 55 kilograms or 121 lbs, showcasing a feather-light grace.

Kaylee Bryant Weight in Kilograms55 kg
Kaylee Bryant Weight in Pounds121 lbs

Kaylee Bryant Measurements

Kaylee’s body measurements are 32-24-33, reflecting harmonious proportions. A bra size of 32A, along with a waist size of 24 and hip size of 33, highlights the balance that defines her figure. 

Body Measurements32-24-33
Bra Size32A
Waist Size24
Hip Size33

Kaylee Bryant Eyes and Hair Color

Kaylee’s eyes are brown, and she flaunts brown hair, adding to her timeless allure.

Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Kaylee Bryant’s Soaring Career

  • From Aspiration to Achievement

In the glimmering realm of Hollywood, Kaylee Bryant has emerged as a rising star, weaving her narrative through a captivating career as an actress and model. Let’s unfold the pages of her professional journey, tracing the steps that led her from aspiration to achievement.

  • Acting Debut: Early Footsteps into Stardom

Kaylee’s venture into the world of acting can be traced back to her early years. While specific details about her debut remain undisclosed, her natural talent and passion for the craft became evident in her initial performances.

  • Breakthrough Role: Capturing Hearts on the Screen

Every artist has that one breakthrough role that catapults them into the spotlight. For Kaylee, it was the role that captured hearts and established her as a talent to watch. While details about this pivotal role may vary, the impact on her career trajectory is undeniable.

  • Versatility on Display: Exploring Diverse Roles

Kaylee’s career is not defined by a single character. Instead, her versatility shines through as she takes on diverse roles, showcasing her range as an actress. From drama to comedy, each project adds a new layer to the mosaic of her professional journey.

  • Modeling Ventures: Beyond the Camera Lens

In addition to her acting endeavors, Kaylee Bryant has ventured into the world of modeling. Her ability to convey emotions and adapt to various personas through the lens has resulted in successful collaborations with notable brands and photographers.

  • Collaborations and Projects: A Growing Portfolio

As Kaylee’s career continues to ascend, collaborations with renowned actors, directors and brands have become a defining feature. The projects she chooses reflect not only her artistic sensibilities but also her commitment to meaningful storytelling.

  • A Glimpse into the Future: Upcoming Projects

While the details of Kaylee’s future projects may be shrouded in secrecy, the anticipation among fans is palpable. The prospect of witnessing her in new and exciting roles adds an air of excitement to her evolving career.

  • Conclusion: Kaylee Bryant – A Star on the Rise

In conclusion, Kaylee Bryant’s career is a testament to her dedication, talent, and the ability to carve her niche in the competitive world of entertainment. From early aspirations to becoming a recognized name, her journey is far from over, promising more chapters of success and creativity.

Kaylee Bryant Boyfriend

As of 2023, Kaylee Bryant is currently single. Kaylee Bryant has had at least one relationship in the past.

Kaylee Bryant Married

Kaylee Bryant is not married, and details about her marriage are yet to be disclosed.

Personal Life
Marital StatusUnmarried
Kaylee Bryant Boyfriendsingle
HusbandNot yet married
SonNot yet born
DaughterNot yet born

Kaylee Bryant Net Worth

As of 2023, Kaylee Bryant’s estimated net worth is $1 million. Kaylee’s net worth is a result of her acting and modeling career, brand collaborations and potential investments.

Kaylee Bryant Net Worth1$ Million
Annual IncomeWill Updated

Kaylee Bryant Age

Kaylee Bryant was born on November 1, 1997 in the vibrant city Malibu, California, United States . As of 2023, Kaylee Bryant is currently 26 years old.

Kaylee Bryant Ethnicity

Kaylee Bryant’s ethnicity is categorized as White.

Conclusion: A Bright Future Beckons

In conclusion, Kaylee Marie Kaneshiro Bryant emerges not just as a face on screen but as a multi-faceted individual with a compelling story. Her journey from Malibu to Hollywood signifies a promising future in the entertainment realm.

Quick Kaylee Bryant Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
Real NameKaylee Marie Kaneshiro Bryant
ProfessionActress, Model
Kaylee Bryant Age26 years (2023)
Date of BirthNovember 1, 1997
BirthplaceMalibu, California, United States
Educational QualificationGraduated
SchoolWill update
College/ UniversityWill update
Social Media

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FAQs About Kaylee Bryant

Who is Kaylee Bryant?

Kaylee Bryant is a talented American actress and model, known for her contributions to the entertainment industry. Born on November 1, 1997, in Malibu, California, she has gained recognition for her roles in various film and television projects.

How Tall is Kaylee Bryant?

Kaylee Bryant stands at a height of 173 cm (5 feet 8 inches).

How Old is Kaylee Bryant?

As of 2023, Kaylee Bryant is 26 years old, having been born on November 1, 1997.

Why Did Kaylee Bryant Leave the Show Legacies

Julie and Brett faced challenges in removing Matt from the show, so at Kaylee’s request, she decided to exit the show before the conclusion of her contract. An agreement was reached for her to return in the fall to film an additional 5 episodes, providing closure to her character’s storyline. It was also agreed upon that she would not have to share the set with Matt Davis moving forward.

Where is Kaylee Bryant From?

Kaylee Bryant hails from Malibu, California, United States. Her birthplace serves as the backdrop to the early chapters of her life and career.

Who is Kaylee Bryant Dating?

As of the latest available information, Kaylee Bryant is currently single.