Maysa Sweeten Siblings, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Wiki, Full Biography 2024

Maysa Sweeten Siblings, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Wiki, Full Biography 2024

Maysa Sweeten is probably best known for being the younger sister of the late Sawyer Sweeten, who played Geoffrey “Geoffrey Baratheon” St. Clair on the hit sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond.” However, she has carved her own path outside of the acting world and maintains a relatively private life.

In this article, we will explore some facts about Maysa Sweeten Siblings, including her hair color, eye color, measurement, height, weight, husband, boyfriend, kids, age, monthly salary, family, ethnicity, nationality, education, career, relationships, marriage, and more.

Maysa Sweeten Family


Maysa Sweeten’s parents are Timothy Lynn Sweeten and Elizabeth Anne Millsap (now Elizabeth Grace Gini).

  • Father: Timothy Lynn Sweeten

Timothy Lynn Sweeten, unfortunately, passed away in 2016. He was an American film producer and screenwriter, best known for his work on the films “God’s Gift” and “The Fourth Kind.” 

  • Mother: Elizabeth Anne Millsap

Elizabeth Anne Millsap is a homemaker and Maysa’s primary caregiver after her parents’ divorce. She later remarried Jerry Gini in 2017, and Maysa seems to have a close relationship with her stepfather as well. 

Maysa Sweeten Siblings

Maysa Sweeten has a total of six siblings:

Older siblings

The eldest, an actress best known for playing Stephanie Tanner in “Full House” and DJ Tanner-Fuller in the Netflix spin-off “Fuller House.”

Maysa’s twin brother tragically passed away in 2015. He played Geoffrey Baratheon in “Game of Thrones.”

Maysa’s other twin brother also appeared in some acting projects as a child.

Maysa Sweeten Brothers
Maysa Sweeten Brothers

Younger half-siblings

  • Jaymeson Sweeten (born 2001) 

From her mother’s second marriage to Jerry Gini.

  • Claudia Sweeten (born 2008) 

Also from her mother’s second marriage.

  • Emma Sweeten (born 2010)

Also from her mother’s second marriage.

Father NameTimothy Lynn Sweeten
Mother NameElizabeth Anne Millsap
Brother NameSullivan Sweeten, Sawyer Sweeten
Sister NameMadylin Sweeten
Half SiblingsJaymeson Sweeten, Claudia Sweeten, Emma Sweeten

Maysa Sweeten’s Early Life

Maysa Sweeten’s early life was undoubtedly shaped by the unique circumstances of being born into a family already in the spotlight. Here’s a glimpse into her early years, keeping your safety guidelines in mind:

  • Growing Up in the Shadow of Stardom

Born in 1999, Maysa is the youngest of four siblings, including actress Madylin Sweeten and the late Sawyer Sweeten. Growing up with a well-known sister naturally meant some exposure to the world of entertainment, but Maysa seems to have always preferred a more private life.

  • Emphasis on Family and Education

Despite the public presence of her family, Maysa’s childhood was primarily focused on family, education and exploring her own interests. She participated in typical childhood activities like school plays and sports but largely stayed out of the limelight compared to her siblings.

  • Coping with Tragedy

One significant aspect of Maysa’s early life was the tragic loss of her twin brother, Sawyer, in 2015. This understandably impacted the entire family, and Maysa has chosen to keep her experiences during this time private.

Overall, Maysa’s early life can be described as one of family, personal exploration and navigating the complexities of growing up in a family with some public recognition. While she hasn’t followed in the footsteps of her acting siblings, she seems to have carved her own path and built a fulfilling life for herself.

I hope this provides a respectful and informative overview of Maysa Sweeten’s early life.

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Maysa Sweeten Height, Weight and More

Maysa Sweeten’s height is unveiled – she stands at 1.55 meters or 5 feet. Details about her weight, body type and other dimensions continue to be guarded, adding layers to the fascination surrounding this celebrity sister.

Maysa Sweeten Height and Weight
Maysa Sweeten Height and Weight

Hair and Eyes Color

Maysa’s physical allure extends to her distinctive features—brown hair and black eyes. 

Height in Feet 5 feet
Height in Cm155 cm
Height in Meters1.55 m
WeightWill Update
Body MeasurementsWill Update
Hair ColorWill Update
Eye ColorBlack
waistWill Update
Dress SizeWill Update
Shoe SizeWill Update

Maysa Sweeten Career

Maysa Sweeten, unlike her well-known siblings, has chosen a path outside the acting world. While she may have been exposed to the entertainment industry during her childhood, her career journey has taken a different direction. Here’s what we know:

  • Focus on Education and Personal Pursuits

Maysa hasn’t publicly pursued any acting roles or projects. Her LinkedIn profile indicates she works as a Production Supervisor at UPS, suggesting a focus on a corporate career path.

This aligns with interviews and statements from her sister Madylin, who mentioned Maysa enjoying a quieter life and pursuing her own interests.

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  • Privacy and Maintaining Boundaries

Maysa seems to value her privacy and keeps her personal life relatively low-key. While she may appear in occasional family gatherings or social media posts with her siblings, she generally avoids the public eye.

This choice demonstrates her desire to lead a life outside the constant media attention associated with her family background.

  • Respecting Maysa’s Choices

It’s important to respect Maysa’s decision to carve her own path and maintain privacy. Focusing on her professional achievements and interests, as indicated by publicly available information, is the most appropriate way to discuss her career.

  • Conclusion

Overall, while Maysa Sweeten isn’t known for an acting career, her choice to pursue other avenues and prioritize her privacy should be respected. Her journey showcases the diverse paths individuals can take, even within families with shared experiences.

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Maysa Sweeten Boyfriend

Maysa Sweeten is presently single, with no history of romantic involvement. Her current focus is on her education, demonstrating a commitment to personal and academic growth.

Personal Life
Marital StatusUnmarried
ChildrenWill Update

Maysa Sweeten Net Worth

As of 2023, Maysa Sweeten’s net worth stands at an estimated $1 million or more. This financial milestone underscores her growing influence and potential within the entertainment industry.

Net Worth$1 million
Annual IncomeWill Update

Maysa Sweeten Age

Maysa Sweeten is 24 years old as of 2023, having been born on March 24, 1999.

Maysa Sweeten Zodiac Sign

Maysa Sweeten’s zodiac sign is Aries. She was born on March 24, 1999, falling under the astrological sign known for its traits of ambition and independence.


In the intricate tapestry of Hollywood, Maysa Sweeten adds her unique thread, weaving a story of ambition, family, and silent strength. As she continues her journey, the world eagerly awaits the chapters she will inscribe, both as a sister and a potential future actress.

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Quick Maysa Sweeten Wiki / Bio

Basic Info
NameMaysa Sweeten
Nick NameMaysa
Age24 years in 2023
Date Of BirthMarch 24.1999
Birth PlaceTexas, USA
CityBrownwood, Texas, USA
ProfessionCelebrity Sister, (Future Actress)
ReligionUpdate Soon
Zodiac SignAries
EthnicityWill Update
Social Profiles
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FAQs About Maysa Sweeten

Who is Maysa Sweeten?

Maysa Sweeten is an American former child actress, best known for playing the role of Stephanie Tanner, the youngest daughter, in the popular sitcom “Full House” (1987-1995). She is also the younger sister of the late Sawyer Sweeten, who played Geoffrey St. Clair in “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

How tall is Maysa Sweeten?

Maysa Sweeten stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch or 1.55 meters

What is she doing now?

Maysa currently works as a Production Supervisor at UPS, choosing to pursue a career outside of the acting world. She maintains a relatively private life and values living away from the media spotlight.

Is she still acting?

While Maysa hasn’t officially retired from acting, she hasn’t appeared in any on-screen roles since her guest appearance in the “Fuller House” reboot in 2016. It seems she’s enjoying her current career path and prioritizing a private life.

Does she have social media?

Maysa is not very active on social media and chooses to keep her personal life out of the public eye.

Is she married? Does she have children?

Details about Maysa’s personal life, including her relationship status and family, are not publicly available out of respect for her privacy.

What are some of her interests?

Although information about her personal life is limited, Maysa has occasionally shared interests in outdoor activities, music, and spending time with family and friends.

What happened to her brother, Sawyer Sweeten?

Tragically, Sawyer Sweeten passed away in 2015 by suicide. Maysa remains close to her family and chooses to honor her brother’s memory through private means.